Saturday, 28 January 2017

Anybody want to be Shadow Welsh Secretary?

It used to be the Tories who were seen as split over Europe but at the moment  it appears to be to Labour that is tearing itself apart.
Jo Stevens has resigned as shadow Welsh secretary in protest at an instruction that Labour MPs must back the bill to trigger Brexit.
She told Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn she had been urged by her constituents to vote against the Article 50 bill.
This does not seem to be another coup against Labour's leadership but a principled stand however.
Ms Stevens said leaving the EU will be a "terrible mistake" and it was "wrong" to back steps that make it inevitable.
Mr Corbyn said it was "right that the Labour Party respects the outcome of the referendum".
The Cardiff Central MP is the second Labour front-bencher to have quit over the vote.
Mr Corbyn is ordering Labour MPs to back the bill, despite their misgivings, to avoid accusations of trying to overturn the result of the referendum.
The city of Cardiff as a whole voted 60% Remain to 40% for Leave at the EU referendum.
In a letter to Mr Corbyn, Ms Stevens said: 
"I accept the referendum result is to leave.
"I also accept that the parliamentary numbers are such that Article 50 will be triggered and we will leave the EU.
"But I believe that leaving is a terrible mistake and I cannot reconcile my overwhelming view that to endorse the step that will make exit inevitable, is wrong.
"I expect this to be the most important vote I will ever cast as an MP and for me it is a clear issue of principle and conscience.
"When I vote I will be representing my constituents, a great many of whom, including a great many Labour Party members and voters, have strongly urged me to vote in this way.
"That is why, in Shadow Cabinet, I argued against the imposition of a three line whip."

But where does this leave Labour in Wales Ms Stevens the first person to quit the shadow cabinet over the bill -was the fourth MP to serve as Labour's shadow Welsh secretary since the May 2015 general election.

That means an average tenure of less than six months.. Labour have 28 Welsh MPs if this continues by the next election 20 of them would have served as  Shadow Welsh secretary..

As Wales faces the biggest crisis it has seen for years the Labour Party leave us with no coherent representation in Westminster .

Plaid with just three MP's are putting up a bigger fight and opposition than all the Welsh Labour MP's  put together.

Meanwhile former cabinet member who last year challenged Jeremy Corbyn seems to be trying to portray himself as a martyr  

Owen Smith  has been in the news  claiming or himself the title of  ‘remoaner-in-chief’ with article 50 opposition, which seems to me to be a rather cynical move to seize the title of leader of the Anti- Corbyn factor rather than a principled stand.

Surely his failed leadership challenge should have shown him he is not of the material for such a role even of a minority of Labour members?

Although Ms Stevens does seem to be making a principled stand  its a pity she didn't claim that part of the reason for her resigning was that the Article 50 bill was bad for Wales in particular.

But when as any Labour  MP resigned because their leadership are pushing forward  or backing a Bill that was ban for Wales.

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