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Assembly Minister Alun Davies still treats his fellow AM with distain.

Hurley Minister for Lifelong Learning and Welsh Language minster should have learned his lesson about his past relationship with fellow AM?
In 2013 he was criticised by the cross-party Environment and Sustainability Committee for being evasive during a question session and giving contradictory answers:["In a letter to the Finance Committee about the Natural Resources department's budget, the AMs said: "We are disappointed with the timeliness of information provided by the minister, and the oral evidence session, where a number of questions were evaded or contradictory information provided."We believe that this is an indicator of problems at the heart of financial management and planning of this department and we will continue to keep a very close eye on these issues both in-year and at future budget rounds."We believe the department's approach to financial management hinders general transparency. We are therefore unable to assess whether the budget is appropriately prioritised and is providing value for money."
On 10 June 2014, the First Minister announced an investigation into a letter Davies wrote to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) re environmental concerns with the proposed development of the Circuit of Wales race track in his own constituency. As well as making up part of his ministerial portfolio, NRW had expressed concerns re the race tracks development.[6] In an investigation undertaken by Permanent Secretary Sir Derek Jones CMG, his report published on 1 July 2014 concluded that Davies had breached the Ministerial Code.[7] The report noted that in March 2013, Davies had been advised by his own department not to lobby even as the AM in the case of the race track, but had ignored this advice and had then written to NRW as the affected AM.[7] The report also revealed that the First Minister had contacted Davies in August 2013, after Davies had expressed support for the circuit openly in quote to the Western Mail newspaper Davies faced no punishment by the First Minister, but endured sustained calls for him to resign due to his behaviour
On 8 July 2014 he was sacked by First Minister Carwyn Jones following his repeated written requests to his civil servants for the private details of Common Agricultural Policy payments made to opposition members, including: Andrew RT Davies (Leader, Welsh Conservatives); Antoinette Sandbach (Conservative); Kirsty Williams (Leader, Welsh Liberal Democrats); William Powell (Welsh Liberal Democrats); and Llyr Gruffydd (Plaid Cymru).[
Now the education committee, , has expressed criticism over a lack of answers from Alun Davies on changes to funding for the Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services.

It would have been better if a minister gave "straight answers" over funding for a youth work charity, Labour AM Lynne Neagle has said.
The BBC say
Questions were asked after it emerged funding was to stop from March.The Welsh Government confirmed that it will now continue into 2017-18.Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services (CWVYS) represents and provides training to the youth work sector.Letters published on the assembly website show that last November Ms Neagle, in her capacity as chair, expressed "serious concerns" to Mr Davies, who is lifelong learning minister, after the charity discovered its grant would end in March.The decision came despite the minister having previously told the committee he would speak to a group representing organisations in the sector and others before making a decision on a future model for youth work.The letter asked a series of questions, including when the decision for CWVYS not to receive funding was made, and on what evidence was the decision based.
Ms Neagle wrote again in November, saying his response did not address all the questions asked and requested answers over CWVYS again.Mr Davies responded saying there was ongoing dialogue with the charity.But the committee chairwoman wrote again to express the committee's disappointment that not all their queries were dealt with.
At the last Assembly election  it seemed it was not only his fellow AMs (including those in his own party) that were fed up with Mr Davies. 
Welsh Assembly Election 2016: Blaenau Gwent
LabourThomas Alun Rhys Davies8,44239.7−24.3
Plaid CymruNigel Copner7,79236.6+31.2
UKIPKevin Boucher3,42316.1+16.1
ConservativeTracey West1,3346.3+1
Liberal DemocratsBrendan D'Cruz3001.4−0.4
Labour holdSwing−28.0

Why does First Minister Carwyn Jones keep appointing  him to post, where Mr Davies treats his fellow AMs with disdain?

I know they were in Aberystwyth together where Mr Davies was then a active Plaid member but how much should he rewarded for defecting to Labour? 

Is there any more arrogant politician in Wales (and its  long list).?

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