Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The idea of a Federal UK died yesterday.

I was always of the my opinion that  no matter what the result of the European Referendum the UK Parliament should have an input in how in the result of a LEAVE vote should be implemented  and have the final say on triggering Article 50.

 I did not understand why the Government did not do this and when it was challenged not to have accepted the ruling of the English High Court when they said this should be the case

Instead  they went to the supreme court and the inevitable decision.

So despite the howling of the right wing media, I don't see that this will really effect the fact that the UK will leave the EU only that the scrutiny will take a bit longer and might make some tweaks to a hard Brexit.

After all Mrs May could always trigger a vote of no confidence and call an General Election which probably  see a host of new Xenophobic Tories/Ukip MPs  being returned to Westminster.

In the long term however  the judgement on Tuesday, that

"On the devolution issues, the court unanimously rules that UK ministers are not legally compelled to consult the devolved legislatures before triggering Article 50.
"The devolution statutes were enacted on the assumption that the UK would be a member of the EU, but they do not require it.
"Relations with the EU are a matter for the UK government."
May well prove to be more historic

The ruling said the assembly and other devolved legislatures had no veto.

This means that the concept of "A union of equals" is a complete lie.

It also means that the elected Legislatures may have no say in Brexit but the unelected members of the House of Lords.

Despite Scotland voting against Brexit  and doing so I believe largely because they did not think it would be in "their" Nations interest to do so,, Scotland has apart  for the single Tory MP from  Scotland no say in the Brexit negotiations.

Tony Blair once received t Banner headlines  comparing  Holy-rood to a parish council .

I accept that Wales voted for Brexit , but even if we had in overwhelming numbers for us to Remain our views would count for nothing so long as Wales , Scotland and Northern Ireland were concerned if voters in England outnumbered them  the other way.

That is why I question the Federalist argument , it would have to have legislation giving each member nation a veto . Something which I believe would never be accepted in England.

God forbid the reaction of the Sun,Mail , or Telegraph if this was ever to occur.

Yesterdays ruling may well have buried "Union of Equals Argument" but the Federalist argument as well.

It may well have made Scottish Independence almost inevitable.

But what of Wales how long can we as Nation see our will vetoed by English MPs and even more absurdly Members of the House of Lords.

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