Saturday, 7 January 2017

Shouldn't we know by now What Brexit means Brexit, um means.

I am beginning   to think we may have to turn to anew edition of the Oxford English Dictionary so we can look up the meaning of Brexit.

The much vaulted Theresa Mays claim that "Brexit means Brexit" has clearly not answered  and even the term Hard, Soft and ridiculous Red, White and Blue Brexit has left even those who take an active interest in politics scratching our heads.

One model that of Norway has been led  Welsh First Minister  Jones to visit that country  – which is not a member of the EU but is part of the single market – and said the country’s model offered an alternative to “unlimited” freedom of movement.
The Welsh Labour leader said it was not possible to have access to the single market and maintain “full control over immigration” but suggested a “reasonable compromise” could be reached
Speaking shortly before he left Norway, he said:
 “I think it’s important as we look for the right model for the UK as it leaves the EU that we look at the experience of other countries. There’s much to learn here in Norway – not quite the exact fit for Wales because agriculture and fisheries are subject to tariffs when Norway exports to the EU.
“They do however have a system of freedom of movement which I think is worth examining [where] it’s not unlimited freedom of movement but it’s freedom of movement to a job. So one has a job with some flexibility around that which I think would be a reasonable compromise as far as the UK is concerned.”
Whilst I welcome Carwyn  at least coming up with some ideas and action, but If the UK government is hell bent  leaving the EU completely is it not about time he pushed for a "Welsh Breixt" that leave us in the single market?

I very much doubt that  the Welsh First Minister views on the single market will be listened to any more than the formerr  Government’s top representative in Brussels Ivan Rogers  quit to be replaced by Sir Tim Barrow.

Rogers reportedly told ministers in October that a new free trade agreement with the EU could take 10 years to negotiate. But the prime minister's office said that did not reflect the government's view.

So what hope for Carwyn

But at least Carwyn  May be talking about a solution that may at least soften the blow tom Wales

Russell George, the Welsh Conservatives’ economy spokesman, called for a Brexit trade plan to take advantage of “Trump factor”.

Arguing that Wales’ reliance on the EU as an export market has increased, he said: “This isn’t about cutting trade with Europe, but we do need to ensure that the Welsh economy is as robust and outward-looking as possible as we enter the new era of free trade.
“Let’s take advantage of the ‘Trump factor’, and embrace this historic opportunity to get to the front of the queue for a trade deal with a new president who has indicated his willingness to do business with the UK.
“It’s clear that the Labour Government’s approach is failing, and the over-reliance of the Welsh economy on exports to the EU is becoming a significant problem at just the time that we have an opportunity to broaden the markets to whom we export...
“2017 is an opportunity to develop a new economic strategy, and that must include a plan to capitalise on the opportunities of Brexit by boosting trade
with the rest of the world.”
As John Dixon has pointed out in his Borthlas Blog entitled "Is it me"?

President-elect Trump’s threats to Mexico and Canada – the only two countries with which the US shares a land border – that he will scrap the free trade agreements and impose heavy import duties is entirely consistent with the line he was taking throughout the election campaign. His protectionist, America First viewpoint has been clearly stated. Trade agreements will only be honoured – let alone negotiated – if they serve the interests of the USA at the expense of other parties. He’s left little room for doubt over his approach.
What I don’t understand is why so many Brexiteers are blithely assuming that he’ll be desperately keen to negotiate a free trade agreement with a country thousands of miles away when he’s planning to tear up such agreements with close neighbours.

No John it is not just you  and if Trump record on his business dealings are anything to go by, I wouldn't buy a used car from him. 

But we are approaching  nearly a year since the UK voted to leave the EU and we still have absolutely no idea what the UK government are planning .

I am not one of those who is calling for a second referendum . We made a mistake  and we must live with it.

But we can expect to know by now what it is that we are getting.


Anonymous said...

I'm not Carwyn's biggest fan but at least he is making an effort in sorting out the mess that Brexit is quickly becoming.

On the other hand, all Andrew R T Davies does is make grandiose statements in the media about the golden opportunities that will exist post Brexit. There's very little of substance in what he says as he continuously attacks the Welsh Government response. What he needs to remember is that it's his Tory colleagues in Westminster who are the firmly in the driving seat on negotiations.

Andrew R T Davies may be happy with Theresa May's, Brexit means Brexit or her 'Union Flag' coloured version of the same but many of us would be happier with a bit more information on what type of Brexit we face.

East Neuker said...

Why do you think you must live with the consequences of a mistake when there may be a way to change that decision and get it right? I know Wales voted to leave (why????) but I believe a lot of people were misled.
I do, however, fear that the English government (and that's what Westminster actually is) plans to crush any resistance to what they want even in a nation such as Scotland which neither voted for them ar for Brexit, but against by a huge margin.
The U.K. Government is what we have to fear, in Scotland, NI and in Wales too. The right wing neo fascists in the Tory government will crush you in Wales too. Why you helped put them in the position to do so completely baffles me.

glynbeddau said...

I feel thatbif it becomes acceptable to ignore the Brecit voten the same argument will be used for a YES vote in any future Independence Referendum. We will be given the Unionists a chance to reverse a YES vote.

Anonymous said...

What worries me is that with May, Johnson, Fox and Davis in the driving seat, it's a car crash waiting to happen!

East Neuker said...

I take your point, but it seems to me that the Westminster government will use any possible means to do just that anyway - that fight will happen whatever.
Right now, their position in Scotland is that the matter is decided, there can't be another referendum despite the change in circumstances, and any referendum would be illegitimate.
This despite the fact that an SNP manifesto for an election they won said there would be a another ref. if Scotland was removed from the EU by force. Scotland voted 2:1 to remain in the EU. The U.K. Leave majority was, by comparison, tiny.
The bottom line is that this UK government will stop at nothing anyway, and if Scotland declares itself independent they will try to crush it. Remember Ireland. Wales will not even be allowed a sniff of independence.
There are fights ahead anyway.