Sunday, 26 January 2014

Wiliam Powell joins Lib Dem shame list.

 Its beginning to look like the  Liberal Democrats are having a particular problem with their elected members.

After Mike Hancock, the MP for Portsmouth South, had his membership suspended after a leaked report into his conduct found "compelling" evidence of "serious and unwelcome sexual behaviour" towards a woman constituent and the continuing row over Lord Rennard  comes the news that  Lib Dem AM William Powell has been given a formal written warning after a young activist complained of his inappropriate behaviour, it has emerged.

The woman, now 21, alleged that in 2011 he gave her and two other women the strong alcoholic drink absinthe, touched her leg and put his hands round their waists.

They only need a MSP  and MEP to get a full set

I suppose some say that  this sort of  behaviour is relatively harmless.and the equivalent of bottom pinching  but of course they will be Men and are not the recipients.

Unwanted sexual advances are unacceptable from Males and also Females we all need to learn this

What if not acceptable 20 years ago was taken as part of life experience   is no longer the case and even then young girls would be warned by colleagues about a male who had a reputation as a "groper".

In fact the only reason it was not acted on more vigorously  was because the "groper" was often in a position of power and their complaints were not taken seriously or it was not worthwhile pursing it.

I doubt that the Lib Dems are alone having members with "wandering Hands" but they are in the spotlight.

What all parties and indeed beyond must do is make clear such behaviour is unacceptable and it will be dealt with vigorously a defence that its no worse than Italian bottom pinching is not acceptable  and offenders can expect more than a rap on the knuckles.

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