Thursday, 9 January 2014

Will we need Photo ID to vote in the future?

The Electoral Commission’s have  proposed  that voters  could have to show their passport or driving licence at polling stations,

It follows evidence that an increasing number of people are being impersonated at polling stations and their votes being stolen. The change would lead to people who failed to produce ID — including anyone whose passport was being renewed — being denied a vote.

Or indeed those who don't drive or haven't a passport or driving licence ,

This looks like another case of "experts" assuming everybody like them have at least one.

Indeed if it was introduced it could seriously affect poorer communities .

Whitehall sources said one solution for those without passports or driving licences might be to create a special voter ID card.

I suppose you could do this on the same level as the senior citizens bus pass ,but it would mean people being expected to apply for one, pay for it and  have card that they would only use once or twice a year and could mean that they are misplaced or lost.

Government sources said the recommendation,, would be taken seriously but it is unclear if it could be implemented in time for the next election.

In Northern Ireland, voters already have to show such an identity card before they can vote. So perhaps an investigation is in order in to how it works there .

Voting fraud was a problem there with the old adage  of "Vote early and often" was used to describe the practise of impersonation . But the fall in voter numbers seem to be much larger than any even organised fraud  would suggest.

 Most studies have shown that  such schemes have adversely affected voter turn out.

Anyway the main problem of impersonation here seems to have come about as a result of Postal Voting and in that case the proposals will have no effect.

But lets face it wouldn't it be simpler to make it compulsory  for people to take their voting cards to the polling station..

But then i'm not an expert.


Owen said...

I don't like this idea one bit. Electoral fraud is serious of course, but individual voter registration is coming in anyway. I don't see how this idea will boost voting. As you suggest, the polling card should be enough. For postal votes people can put the polling card in the envelope, and it should include a QR code/barcode or something to prevent counterfeits.

glynbeddau said...

The idea of a barcode is indeed a good one. Could it be a unique one for each voter or would it cost to much?

But even a single barcode would solve most of the problem