Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Cameron can't afford to upset pensioners

It his hardly surprising that  David  future Conservative government claims  will protect the basic state pension after the next election by keeping the coalition’s "triple lock" guarantee to increase payments each year, 
As  the Table below   produced by Ipsos-MORI and published shortly after the GE2010 demographic breakdown of how Britain voted. shows the Tories get the biggest share of the vote from those over 65 and  older people are more likely to vote.

But we also have  Chancellor George Osborne unveiling  plans for a “permanently smaller” welfare system, with a further £25bn slashed off state spending - including £12bn of new cuts to benefits following next year’s general election.

And l those in the DE class were the only group to favour Labour over the Tories.

So the Tories are only looking after their voters

Its a pity the Table does not show the turnout tout each Class but I suspect that it will show . Why both Labour and the Tories are concentrating their efforts on the Middle Classes as these are  most likely to vote and switch parties..

But for now the lesson is clear you don't want to upset pensioners and you can afford to screw the lower classes because in the long run their votes are not those who win elections,

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