Friday, 31 January 2014

Pembrokeshire Labour condem thier council for doing what Labour did in Carmarthen

The news that  the Wales Audit Office says. Carmarthenhire  and Prmbrokeshire councils acted unlawfully by letting chief executives opt out of a pension scheme to avoid potential tax payments, hardly comes as a surprise

Carmarthenshire's Mark James and Pembrokeshire's Bryn Parry Jones had been given cash payments in lieu of employer pension contributions.
Dyfed-Powys Police said the force was in discussions with the auditors.
Carmarthenshire council said it was pleased the auditor did not rule its pension policy as unlawful.

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Perhaps the oddest reaction comes from Paul Millar leader of the Labour gtoup of 9 on Pembrokeshire council  , Who seems to be condemning his own council for doing exactly the same thing as Carmarthen in which his Labour colleagues were complicit .

Interestedly in the shortened report on the 10:30 news Miller was the only opposition member to be quoted.   Maybe the Beeb want to be balanced but it gives the impression that Labour are standing up to the misdeeds   when it carmarthen they are one of the Guilty parties

Paul Miller is the Labour Candidate for Preseli in the next General Election if he can continue to keep a strait face in this manner he wil go far.

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