Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Euro Elections Intentions SNP on 43% Ukip 7% who gets the headlines?

On Saturday I commented that the Cowdenbeath bylection for the Scottish Parliament should not be taken as indication of intentions in the forthcoming Independence referendum

 a new IndyRef poll in Scotland on Sunday from ICM – the pollster that got the 2011 AV referendum most right predicting the final result to within a small fraction of a percent.

The figures saw YES up 5% and NO down 5% compared with the last in September.
The initial split in the poll was 54-46 but that closed to 53-47 when those sampled were pressed further for a view. 

You may look in vain on Left Foot Forward for this as it seems to only report when the polls reflect negatively for the YES campaign.

There has been an even more interesting poll for intentions on voting for the European Parliament 

You may have to work hard to find the real story in the Scotsman that who leas with the news that
THE Liberal Democrats have slumped to fifth place in Scotland ahead of this year’s European elections, with the party trailing the anti-EU Ukip, an exclusive new poll shows.
Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems would lose their only MEP north of the Border and finish behind Ukip, led by Nigel Farage, for the first time ever in a Scottish national election, the survey of those who intend to vote .

If you read the article however  you will find that the SNP have seen a surge of support for the European elections. But its so devastating to the Scotsman they can't produce them

Change on 2009 European election in brackets

SNP 43% (+14)
Labour 24% (+3)
Conservative 14% (-3)
UKIP 7% (+2)
Lib Dems 6% (-6)
Greens 4% (-3)

The poll also shows that people in Scotland reject leaving the European Union by a substantial margin of 46 per cent to 33 per cent.. Which the Scotsman also lashes on to to somehow suggest that Scots share the Ani-European Union views of their neighbours South of the Boarder..

So there you have it a surge in support for Independence and for the SNP in voting intentions for the next election there.

And yet its portrayed as a swing to UKip who are on 7 yes 7% no matter what the Scotsman would wish.

But Scotland leading "Quality Newspaper" thinks the main point to spin  is that Ukip are on 7%..

I was going to say that the Scotsman was their equivalent of the Wasting Mule but they have a whole stable of unionist papers who claim to be Scottish  to read there .

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