Monday, 25 June 2012

Three Government Priorities?

The above images show .

A nuclear Submarine Defence Secretary Philip Hammond insists the final decision on Trident had not been made as he confirmed a £1 billion contract for reactors to power the next generation of Britain's nuclear submarines even though the ConLib government have not agreed to "like-for-like" replacement for Trident. But  with Conservatives committed to a full renewal of the UK's fleet of four Vanguard-class submarines by 2028with the LibDems seemingly opposed.

A Homeless Teenager with the news that Cameron is government is seeking to slash Housing benefit for under-25s and benefits for lone parents targeting the current 210,000 people aged 16 to 24 who are social housing tenants, although it is not clear if all of them will be single. He says the measure could save £1bn, but will not apply to victims of domestic violence.

The government has already capped housing benefit for anyone aged under 35 renting from a private landlord, so the maximum is the same as renting a single room in a shared house. The government is forecasting that housing benefit expenditure will peak in 2012/13 at £23.2bn, before falling back to £21.4bn in 2016/17.

But ministers have signalled that they are looking for a further £10bn in welfare cuts, mainly after the next election.

Jimmy Carr with LibDem Danny Alexander, the chief secretary to the Treasury, commenting on the row about tax avoidance as the Jimmy Carr scheme was involved in claiming an ordinary person's tax bill could be reduced by 2p in the pound if avoidance, or the tax gap, could be reduced by a quarter.

So we have a Nuclear weapon system that the government has already committed Billions on reactors presumably safe in the knowledge that if even if the LibDems have the courage to defy them they can probably rely on Labour unless the former are opportunist to back them.

An attack on the most vulnerable members of the of our communities guaranteed to increase Homelessness and placings these young people in danger of being brought into crime and prostitution.

Harsh words about Tax avoidance which will see some attempt to paper over the cracks . Possibly making it harder for celebrities to avoid paying some of their Taxes but certainly nothing on companies like Vodafone who avoid billions in taxes.

In all three examples we know what the Tories want to do and based on Labours past record they might well want them to do it  this whilst crying crocadile tears.Because they would have done the same if they had won the last General Election.

But how can the LibDems carry on supporting the first two and the failure to act on the third. They should surely relapse that if they carry on like this they will cease to be a Party of any significance by the next generations. Its time for Nick Clegg to show some guts and call an end to this despicable government.

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