Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Let it be Lord Öpik (for his sake)

I've never called for the ennoblement of anyone before; But I think Lembit  Öpik should be given a seat in the Lords ,before the sad plonker kills himself.
 Öpik who lost his Montgomeryshire seat in the 2010 general election, has been desperate to remain in the public eye trying for the LibDem nomination for London Mayor,appearing on I'm a celebrity get me out of here , Cariad Iaith, trying for a pop career and as a stand up comedian. All this has gained some brief publicity but he looks doomed to be a Z list celebrity

His latest act of desperation  was to contest a bout against professional fighter Kade Callous, in Welshpool.

According to the promoter, 
Öpik lasted about two minutes in the ring.

Öpik said: "I had a black and blue weekend rather than a red, white and blue one"

The BBC reports that the the former Liberal Democrat MP turned celebrity was checked over by St John's Ambulance volunteers after the bout at a packed Welshpool town hall was stopped on Saturday night.

He said he is not sure whether he would go into the ring again after the bout which left him bruised, possibly cracked ribs and a sore back and left arm.

If he carries on like this he will end up doing a stunt that will be fatal or permanently crippling 

I don't wish that on him.I really do pity him and perhaps a seat in the Lords and the occasional appearance on Have I got news for you. Will be sufficient to satisfy his  need to keep in the public eye.

The house of Lords contain a number of politicians rejected by the public and I wouldn't nominally want to add to the number but just one more wouldn't do much harm and it may be a kindness.

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Welsh not British said...

You know when people think you are laughing with them when really you are laughing at them, this is how I would describe Lembit. And all those people who turned up to watch him getting beaten up, were doing it to.

It's sad really but he's more famous for going out with a Cheeky Girl or a weather girl than he is for being a politician.