Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Alistair Darling prefers the Tories to run Scotland.

The Better Together campaign to save the United Kingdom was launched in a lecture theatre in Scotland's capital yesterday 

Campaign leader Alistair Darling, a Scottish Labour MP and former Chancellor of the Exchequer,  made what he describes as "the positive case" for keeping Scotland in the UK.

Darling who was a pretty awful Chancellor though compared with the current one he does look at least barley competent said
"Those of us who believe that it is best for Scotland to be part of the UK, from whatever political views, have a duty now to work in harmony to argue for the better, stronger choice. This is a campaign that will make sure that the patriotism of the quiet majority to be heard alongside the voices of the committed view. We share a common platform on this single issue because, along with so many of our fellow Scots, we believe that a better future for ourselves and our children is as a partner in the United Kingdom."
This given on  the same time when David Cameron the UK Prime Minister and leader of a Party that had one MP out of 59 in Scotland, ditched the Caring Conservative image that he has cultivated since becoming Tory Leader and went back  to  the Nasty Party. Announcing  plans to slash the welfare budget by cutting benefit to under 25's and setting a agenda of blaming  the poor for the current financial crisis  that his party will fight under in the next General Election.

So if even if the lone Scottish Tory  was to lose its seat in the next UK General Election  Scotland could easily find itself run by Tories nearly all who have been elected for English constituencies. Some Partnership.

Alexander,  since "The Better Together" campaign consists of Labour, LibDem and Tory Unionist . is arguing that even if the Scottish electorate reject completely the values of Cameron Tories .its still better for them to be part of the Union.

It reminds me of the sort of argument that a abused member of  a family should remain with his abusers because they are better together as a family..

Given the choice of a Progressive Left of Centre Scotland  or  right of centre UK run by English Tories , who are intent on dismantling the Welfare State Alastair Darling, would clearly chose the latter.

Why. In the vain hope he will be Chancellor again?

Darling campaign is also based on relying on the Scottish people keep the Status Quo he stated that.
A vote for independence is like buying Scotland's children a one-way ticket to ncertainty.

Well he may have a point on there will be no going back on Independence  But can any Unionist tell me of any Nation receiving Independence regretting it and expressing a view that they should return to the control of their former masters?

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