Saturday, 2 June 2012

BBC shows North Korea how to cringe.

I called in my local Library yesterday where as I was looking for something to read over this Bank Holiday as it looks like  all the Television Channels will be showing the bloody jubilee.

At the same time,the  local Mother and Baby group were having their weekly get together in the library.Something I hugely approve of .My Library is at the heart of the community and should be used as much as possible. We recently had a WEA  lecture during opening hours on Crime in 19th century Wales.

What saddened me was that they were having a jubilee theme day. It's the sort of thing which those Mothers who a were indifferent to the Monarchy and even some who were Republicans  may have found themselves going on with, so as  not to provoke discord in the group.

My Sister was in such a quandary her son Reuben Nursery in Derby was holding  a Jubilee Party and he has inherited my family radicalism so she was a bit worried he might say something disproving.

He certainly managed to look disproving in this photo (he's in the background)

Reuben showing his disapproval.

But what would happen if a nursery or School decided to have a Republican themed day . There would be an outcry of "Their indoctrinating  our Kids".

But apart from parents  bringing their children up to question the Status quo (an they have a right) all the news including that aimed at Children is supportive of the Jubilee.

Nowhere  on Childrens' Television has there been any question of the role of Mrs Windsor . The CBBC 's Newsround  could easily be reproduced in  North Korean  where wording just changed to Kim il Sung or  whatever member of his family alive or dead they were praising.

The BBC charter calls its coverage of major events to be "balanced and even " and it made some attempt via Panorama programs before the Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan  to attack its Human rights record and prior to the  European Football Championship next week to highlight right wing racism in the host nations Despite the fact they had major investment in these events.

But when it comes to the Jubilee .  There's no question of reporting on dissent or indifference and every programme shows happy flag waving people a la North Korea.

Its probably one of  the reason I am friends with them but all my close associates are seeking something alternative to this forelock-tugging rubbish this  weekend.and I'm sure many reading this will be doing anything than take part or even watch it. on the Television. Stock up on DVD's folks..

We may be in minority but should should not be totally ignored in this way in a supposed democracy or forced to join in something we don't agree with be cause or as in my Sisters case we have no choice.

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Cibwr said...

I have my DVDs at the ready, including 1776 - the musical of the drawing up and signing of the American Deceleration of Independence... fun stuff - if very historically inaccurate!