Sunday, 20 April 2014

Is this the standard of Labour campaigning?

Pontypridd Labour Party posted a campaign newspaper through my door yesterday and Boy was it full of misleading rubbish which makes the Mule look like an exemplary news outlet

I've only puled a few little gems for you to view but believe me from front to last page its full of absolute tosh.

The first is this piece on volunteering which looks like giving  full support for Cameron's Big Society. But the worst part, is the deliberate attempt to claim credit by Labour for the achievements of these groups.

But one piece is particularly gallin.

There is only one reason why a Beddau Community group are aiming to run the local Library. It is because the Labour, run Rhondda Cynon Taf (R.C.T.) are closing it at the end on May

There may well be Labour members and supporters in the group and the Labour controlled  Llantrisant community Council  have given support.

But it is Labour who are responsible for closing our Library,  and it disgusting they are attempting to claim credit for any moves to take it over and keep it open.

Then there's a piece on the RCT cuts Actually one can agree with the headlines but it is the manner of the curs which is disturbing people .

One of these is to close the MUNIi Art centre in Pontypridd. So it a bit of a surprise  to see a Muscians Union log below this article which seems to indicate approval for RCT's cuts in the Artsand presumably the MUNI.

The Newspaper is peppered with such Union logos the GMB whose members are being made redundant by RCT but whose loyalty to the Labour Part comes first and who give office space to MP Owen Smith and AM Mick Antoniw. also seem to give their approval of Labour handling of the cuts, as does CWU and USDAW. Their support probably paid for this rubbish  As well as future elections including those for local government.

So once again we will see Unions who prime objective should be to represent their member seem to believe it is to back a party that it destroying their Jobs

Does anyone really believe the story would be any different if Labour had won in 2010 and they too would have cut from the bottom and not the top?

There one final piece I will share here . It would not be a Labour leaflet if it did not attack Plaid but since Plaid's recent record has been to support those who are most vulnerable including much stronger opposition to the cuts than  Labour they turn to the proposal to change the rules over allowing  candidates to stand in both the constituency and regional seat . Which Labour disallowed in wales but not in Scotland where it suited them.

Of course this is aimed at Plaid leader Leanne Wood in the Rhondda..

They claim that this is being done without a mandate but . Where was Labour mandate  when they abolished this practise which their also candidates used.

Their argument that "Plaids support for this is undemocratic and principled is hollow and hypocritical.

An there's much more of this blame the Tories /Libdems for the cuts . Take credit for others achievements from a Party that has chosen in councils throughout Wales that they are prepared to cut jobs of the poorest paid  but make no attempt to control the excessive salaries at the top.

Its time Wales woke up and stopped putting their faith in a Party that has betrayed those who have loyal voted for them both in power in Westminster and in Cardiff Bay and whose actions even when not in power is not to support those working people in their seats they hold but to court  that mythical Middle England voter in seats they don't

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