Wednesday, 2 April 2014

F###ing Welsh Inspires Scotland

From here it may be surprising to see the Scottish Yes camp take events leading up to the first Welsh Assembly  to heart but on the Bellacaladonia blog David Black, points out that the what he calls the "No Troxia"  with its" Project Fear"  was some what in now somewhat in disarray – and as he put it was the claims of Project Fear  that if Scots are foolish enough to vote Yes on September 18,

 then they can say goodbye to the pound sterling, leaving them wholly dependent thereafter, let us presume, on an economic system based on a mix of dark-ages barter, indentured child slavery, and cattle reiving.

Indeed it reached such a level that as Wings over Scotland point out a Guardian April Fools spoof  looks like it came straight from "Better Together".


Indeed The Scottish Sun had this six weeks ago

David Black takes all this to point out that people don't like being manipulated or at least where is so bloody obvious and  points to events here prior to the first  Welsh Assembly Election

Pointing out that the American War of Independence   came about because of Lord North's 1774 Coercive Acts transformed Loyalist into Rebels  he then writes.

Then it hit me – this was rerun of the 1999 slaughter in the valleys, when a cocksure New Labour establishment in London had foolishly assumed the Welsh were a simple, biddable people who would cravenly obey the diktat of the fettucine high command in London. It turned out to be a miscalculation of epic proportions. The drama began with Ron Davies’s ‘moment of madness’ on Clapham Common, and ended with a Labour melt-down in which the party achieved a hitherto unimaginable feat – the loss of the deepest red Rhondda constituency to the Nationalists on a 30% swing.
The journey from Clapham to Caerphilly (another safe seat which was lost) had been a rough road, and none of the pollsters had got anywhere close to predicting the outcome. London had considered Labour’s local man, Rhodri Morgan, to be ‘too Welsh’ for the fettucine tendency, and had parachuted in its own chosen metropolitan candidate, Alun Michael, in anticipation of a coronation, rather than a contest.

Which led According to ex-Downing Street press officer Lance Price's diaries,  Tony Blair responded with the words "Fucking Welsh".

OK so David was wrong about Caerphilly Ron Davies held it for Labour  but it is a point.

Better Together are beginning to look like a desperate and disorganised rabble who thought they were in with a walkover but who may at least in some quarters realise that their campaign of Negativity and Bullying is not working but can't stop.

Wil future Historians on the birth of an Independent Scotland claim that it was Project fear that drove  wavering voters into the Yes camp and victory.

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