Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Plaid may not have to sacrifice their Queen.

Jaxxland  has an argument in pointing out that:

lack of protest from some bloggers who would normally be going apeshit at the imposition of new electoral arrangements upon the Welsh Assembly by a tory secretary of state."

This comes after the Westminster Government had announced that  ban on Welsh assembly candidates standing for election in constituencies and on their parties' regional lists will be lifted, s

It also announced that it wants assembly elections to be held every five years instead of four. 

So Jaxxland's cynicism has some merit.

It is completely wrong that any Secretary of State  whether Tory or  Labour , should be the person to change the rules of however AM are elected and not the Assembly itself.

Still it is a bit like seeing a Referee who has awarded a dubious penalty in the first half awarding a penalty to your side in the second half.

It also may be dubious but it does make things right

The original ban was introduced by Peter Hain, as  a  way of weakening the opposition parties in the Assembly .

No such ban was introduced in Scotland despite it having the same electoral system.

Still there's probably a few Plaid member breathing a sigh of relief as Party Leader Leanne Wood, had announced earlier her intention of fighting a constituency seat  and under current rules would not be fighting the almost guaranteed a regional seat.

So she can now fight a constituency seat and  stand on the regional list . Though she may still decide not  to do so.

Her initial  position of fighting a constituency looked courageous, but whilst it may have boosted the Plaid vote as publicity concentrated on her fight. Plaid  could have found that it  had gained seats  but lost their leader.

The other proposal that the Assembly term should  be extended for Five Years makes sense as with fixed Westminster terms of 5 years  there will be not be a clash every Twenty years.

In other changes, politicians will be prevented from sitting simultaneously as MPs and AMs, which is as it should be .

But let us be clear . These changes should come from the Assembly it would be ridiculous that if Labour were to win the next General election in 2015 . Owen Smith or who ever was Welsh Secretary would change the rules again.

Power for running elections should be dissolved to the Assembly this should however have a law making it so that major elections rules can be changed only by.

A 2/3 majority by Assembly Members

If this is not possible a referendum.

We should not continue with the Party in power  in Westminster or even Cardiff changing the rules to suit them .

Labour will use this to portray Leanne Wood as being dependent on Tory rule changes to get elected  but it is an hypocritical stance.

They had changed the rules to bolster their position in the Assembly and in doing so weakened that legislature, by making it harder for the best opposition candidates to be elected.

However if all  the parties want the best candidates and true equal elections.Then they should all be arguing for the introduction of the Single Transferable Vote as happens in Northern Ireland.

But politicians voting for whats right for democracy rather than whats right for democracy what chance is it of that happening?

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