Sunday, 3 March 2013

It says Typhoo Tea on the back of buses. It doesn't means they sell it.

In her Blog Bethan Powys sometimes spoils her articles with what she probably thinks are clever homilies  . This time talking about Red and Grey squirrels on Ynys Mon

Which is a pity because she then went on to make a argument that Carwyn Jones and (Welsh?) Labour  in his call for more powers for the Welsh Assembly was stealing Plaids Unique Selling Point.

She wrote:
On stage Ieuan Wyn Jones asked delegates what they made of the Presiding Officer's call today to scrap the term 'Assembly' in favour of 'Parliament'. All those in favour of her call were told to put up their hands. Up they went. Anyone against? Just two hands were raised, one belonging to Plaid AM Lindsay Whittle. Why, I asked him was he going against the party flow on this one? Because he was afraid that if the name was changed, people would think it really was a proper parliament, that the battle was won. The momentum towards what Mr Whittle would accept as a full and "proper parliament" would be lost. "And you can quote me on that!"
And Lindsay, make s a point worth listing to, Do we really want a little  pretend parliament, which is what we would have even if Silk proposes it and Westminster implements his proposals?

Many Plaid supporters have felt that Plaid's, leadership after the first Assembly elections took the attitude "Job Done" and that simply  the Assembly would evolve rapidly and match the powers of the Scottish Parliament. 

And lets face it as they use to say around here

It says Typhoo Tea on the back of buses. It doesn't means they sell it.

After all the  The National Assembly of Quebec / Assemblée nationale du Québec) has far more powers than the Scottish Parliament .

But it is clear that from Plaid Cymru's parliamentary leader urging the  party to "strive for parity" with Scotland, whatever the Scottish independence referendum outcome. that Plaid is finally waking up and realising that if it has a USP it is Independence and the move towards it something Labour can never steal.

And  maybe we should be considering adopting  a Welsh title instead of the Assembly or Parliament not just a translation but a new title to reflect a new Wales.

I would welcome a few suggestions.

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