Sunday, 31 March 2013

Con/LibDem drive people into the arms of Loan Sharks..

Wales Online reports that  a multi-million pound government cash reserve for Wales’ poorest is being controlled by a US business with no experience in the field.:
Computer firm Northgate Information Solutions is to take over control of the Discretionary Assistance Fund – formerly the Welsh Social Fund – from Tuesday.
Northgate is owned by private equity giant KKR.
The money is there to help people facing emergencies such as leaking roofs, broken boilers or having no food. It had been accessible by popping into the nearest job centre.
Now desperate applicants will have to call a phone number that could cost them more than 40p a minute, register online on a computer they can ill afford, or use a postal system that could see them waiting weeks for cash.
I can't see this as part of the LibDem ongoing campaign to demonise the poorest members

Because even they, would find it hard to claim that it it helps those who are "The deserving poor"  rather than scroungers.

But it is clearly designed to make it harder (already difficult) for desperate people  to claim emergency payouts.

Where  this will inevitably end up in, will be people turning to loan sharks and placing them in even greater debt.

Once again this appalling government attack the poorest members of our society in either misguided ideology or more probably vindictiveness

And we are left wondering if they have any other plans for those who have fallen behind .

Workcamps perhaps?.


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