Friday, 29 March 2013

Meath East byelection won Fine Gael.

For those intrested in Irish Politics the Meath East byelection has been won . Fine Gael candidate Helen McEntee was elected on the third count. who tqakes the seat after the death of her father Shane McEntee.

Dynasty are a transitional part of Irish politics,

2013 by-election: Meath East[12][10]
PartyCandidate % 1st PrefCount 1Count 2Count 3
Fine GaelHelen McEntee38.59,3569,54711,473
Fianna FáilThomas Byrne32.98,0028,1069,582
Sinn FéinDarren O'Rourke13.03,1653,370
Direct Democracy IrelandBen Gilroy6.51,5681,793
Labour PartyEoin Holmes4.61,1121,245
Green PartySeán Ó Buachalla1.7423
Workers' PartySeamus McDonagh1.1263
IndependentMick Martin0.8190
IndependentCharlie Keddy0.5110
IndependentGerard O'Brien0.373
IndependentJim Tallon0.247
Electorate: 64,164   Valid: 24,309   Spoilt: 259   Quota: 12,155   Turnout: 38.3%

The Constituency has 3 TD's elected underr STV at the 201I Shane Mcentee had held his seat and Fine Gael gained an extra seat and Labour the Third. The then ruling Fianna Fail lost its two seats reflecting the swing against them in the General Election throughout the republic,

Pref votes
 % FPvSwing%TDsChange
(since 2007)
 % of
Fine GaelEnda Kenny801,62836.1Increase8.876Increase2545.8
Labour PartyEamon Gilmore431,79619.5Increase9.337Increase1722.3
Fianna Fáil[nb 6]Micheál Martin387,35817.5Decrease24.220Decrease5712.0
Sinn FéinGerry Adams220,6619.9Increase3.014Increase108.4
Socialist PartyNone26,7701.2Increase0.62Increase21.2
People Before ProfitNone21,5511.0Increase0.62Increase21.2
WUAGSéamus Healy8,8180.4Increase0.11Increase10.6
Green PartyJohn Gormley41,0391.8Decrease2.90Decrease60

Since then polls, have showed a recovery for Fianaa Fail but not enough to win a General election,

24/03/13Red C28%13%24%14%-21%
17/03/13Millward Brown25%9%29%20%-16%
03/03/13Millward Brown24%11%23%21%-22%
24/02/13Red C28%12%26%16%2%16%
17/02/13Millward Brown25%13%27%20%1%14%
08/02/13Ipsos MRBI25%10%26%18%1%20%

 Labour, appear to be the Party suffering which seems to reflect the general attitude of voters taking their frustration out on the Junior Partners in a coalition.

The Polls also show a significant rise in support for Sinn Féin but they failed to make any breakthrough votewise in Meat East

However if there was a Irish General Election tomorrow there could possibly be a Fianna Fáil Sinn Féin coalition.

Sinn Féin are in a position tom hold a balance of power.

But with the two main parties Fianna Fáil amd Fine Gael both being Conservative and separated by historical factors rather than Ideology they may choose that joining in a coalition together may be the best way to keep Sinn Féin out of power.

If you are not Interested in Irish politics you should be.

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