Thursday, 8 September 2016

Yesterdays PMDAQBMCJQ (you'll get it at the end)

Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQ's) yesterday was particularity interesting.
First the Leader of  the Opposition whose contribution is the  probably the most eagerly anticipated could be said  to have been sabotaged  by his leadership rival Owen Smith 
The Pontypridd MP and Labour leadership candidate wrote an open letter to Mr Corbyn, taking him to task for his past performance at PMQs and suggesting the questions he should ask.
Setting out his ideas for how a Labour leader could put pressure on the PM, he wrote:
 “If you want to avoid making Labour’s case on Europe yet again, the Government remains in serious trouble over the NHS, with growing NHS deficits and waiting lists, A&Es facing closure, and vital treatments being rationed. Or you could ask about the Government’s apparent plans to expand grammar schools.”
He then provided a list of EU-related questions, stating: “Whatever you choose to focus on, I’m sure you agree that Labour needs a Leader who can take on the Tories effectively, both inside and outside Parliament.”
However Mr Corbyn 
Mr Corbyn used the question session to challenge Mrs May on housing.
He warned that the average house price in Britain is £215,000 – more than eight times the average wage – and said the Citizens Advice Bureau believes one sixth of housing benefit goes to private sector landlords renting out “unsafe homes”.
Claiming that the number of first-time buyers has halved in 20 years, he claimed that £9.3bn of public cash is paid through housing benefit to private landlords.
He described the plight of a “a lady called Jenny” who worked with her partner in a supermarket where they each earned £7.37 an hour. They hoped to get a mortgage but were told they could only borrow £73,000.
Which may lead to people being somewhat confused  when reading the Independents coverage of PMQ's when they read

Two months off and a complete transformation from the Leader of the Opposition. The Government’s in a mess. There’s no clear plan for Brexit. He knows it. The Prime Minister knows it and in he went.
“This Government has had all summer to come up with a plan, to come up with a strategy, and so far we‘ve just had waffle,” he boomed.
“Does she want the UK to remain fully within the single market? Yes or no.”
Theresa May had no answer. “The right deal...a new relationship...seizing opportunities...we are respecting the views of the British people.”
It wasn’t good enough and the Leader of the Opposition knew it. “I asked the Prime Minister a very simple question, and there’s a very simple answer, so let me ask it again. Does she want the United Kingdom to fully remain a part of the European single market. Yes or no?”
The Independent continues 
"It was a towering performance. So much so that you almost didn’t notice that the Leader of the Opposition had de-aged by about two decades, developed a broad Scottish accent and was standing in entirely the wrong place".
Of course  being a unionist "Paper" the writer can't really completely  praise the "Leader of the Opposition",

Oh, and it turns out that the Leader of the Opposition might not be all he's cracked up to be. He is determined to break up the United Kingdom, forcing immense economic damage on his own people for the sake of petty nationalism. Still, it's 2016 so he'll go far, will Angus Robertson. 
Mind you maybe the true story of yesterday PMQ should be that the Prime Minister should  sack her researchers.

As Munguin Republic reports

Instead of doing her job at prime minister's questions... y'know, answering questions put to her on behalf of the public by their representatives...she fancied herself as a stand up act.
Let's embarrass poor old Corbyn instead of answering difficult questions about Brexit, she thought to herself.
Only she made a bit of a mess of it.
Because when she was checking out Mr Corbyn's Twitter feed to see if she could get herself some forewarning of what he was going to ask her... she found an amusing tweet from a certain Mr Lewis Collins.
Mr Collins, suggesting a question for Jeremy to ask Mrs May, wrote: Does she know that in a recent poll asking who would make a better prime minister, "don't know" scored higher than Jeremy Corbyn.

Ho Ho Ho. Ha ha ha. Point to Mrs May. Right?

Except as has been pointed out  Mr Collins is a pretty  unpleasant   person 

Maybe whoever dug up the Tweet used by the said Mr Collins could have been alerted by his choice of Identification picture.

Of course the  real   name of PMQ should be the Prime Minister doesn't answer Questions but makes cheap jibes at the questioner . but PMDAQBMCJQ doesn't  spill of the lips does it.

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