Saturday, 17 September 2016

"Welsh" Ukip fractionalisation carries on at UK conference,

Former Prime Minister Harold Wilson once that,

"A week is along time in politics"

For Ukip it seems to be only a few hours

Soon after the election of new Ukip leader Dianne James ,the leader of the UKIP group in the Welsh Assembly told BBC Wales he hoped the election of a new party leader will bring an end to factionalism within the party.

Neil Hamilton told BBC Wales that he would support Diane James despite having voted for runner-up Lisa Duffy.

He said he hoped UKIP could "finally put to bed these personal animosities and personal differences" for the sake of the party's political objectives.

Mrs James has backed UKIP MEP Nathan Gill, who has left the assembly group.

Mr Hamilton said he was "disappointed" the new leader did not mention UKIP's achievements in Wales during her victory speech at the party's conference in Bournemouth on Friday.

"We had a great success in the assembly elections - we elected seven AMs, we are a big group and play an important role," he said.But yhen thingd sought of change

He was due to speak at the Ukip party conference tomorrow. But instead, Neil Hamilton has been axed from the planned list of speakers by the party's new leader, Diane James.

Just hours after she took over from Nigel Farage, she has showed she plans to show her strength.

But Hamilton has said he refuses to "go away" and said it seems a "rather bizarre way to unite a party".

Mr Hamilton was due to speak on the main stage for 15 minutes tomorrow lunchtime but has now been replaced by a mixture of Nathan Gill - who he replaced as Welsh boss - and a coffee break.

"I have to say she doesn't make a very convincing Stalin because she's not capable of growing a moustache. I am not going away.
"I've been elected by the people so I have a full democratic mandate," he continued.
"If it's the only way Nathan Gill can get a good speaking slot I suppose, good for him.
"If she starts in a way she means to go on it seems a rather bizarre way to unite a party."
He even offered to confront Ms James live on camera, saying: "Let's go and see her now! Shall we? In a posse! That would make good TV wouldn't it!"
He added:
 "I regard this as unfinished business. I think it's extraordinary that the speaker of the Ukip group in the Assembly should be replaced as the speaker by someone who's just resigned in the assembly."
Meanwhile  One of Nigel Farage’s closest aides, who headed Ukip’s media operation for three years, has said the party has “disintegrated” and that she has joined the surge of members and supporters turning to the Conservatives
Her views on Mr Hamilton are particularly  interesting describing him as a “Machiavellian Rasputin character” who was always “lurking in the shadows” when crises erupted,

So the leader of Ukip n the Assembly has been barred from speaking at conference whilst the leader of Ukip who quit the Assembly group to sit as an Independent has been given his spot!

Confused you should be.

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