Sunday, 18 September 2016

Will La Pasionaria become "El chupete Uno"?

There can be little doubt that  Kirsty Williams  has an unique position.

She is of course  the sole Liberal Democrat AM in the Welsh Assembly and the sole Liberal Democrat who holds a cabinet position in any of the UK legislatures..

I have often praised Ms Williams as an opposition member of the Assembly. She has been of the most effective interrogators  of the Welsh Labour Government over the years

Yes her  "outrage" could look staged at times to the extent I nicknamed her La Pasionaria but I think we will miss her in that capacity.

The Wales Online coverage seems to be a bit of a Hagiography at times and we can only wonder if this more of a reflection of the Trinity Mirror support for Labour in Wales.

Ms Williams said she would not have taken the opportunity to join the Welsh Government if she did not think she could work with Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones.

Which makes you wonder at her attacks on the First Minister when she was on the Opposition Benches ?

Denying that she had been handed a poison chalice she said

“Being able to work alongside someone is important and Carwyn and I have known each other for a very long time, even before we became Assembly Members. We’ve been able to recognise that we can work together to deliver things.”
The challenge that Ms Williams faces is that Education reforms take a while to come to fruition and in five years time even if she personally has been successful it may not (no matter how much she trumpets it ) be evident.

Mind you she also has the problem that she might be obviously failing despite her protestation from the government benches  and facing  the sort of questions she would have asked when on the other side of the Siambr.

For La Pasionaria there is the chance to establish herself as a leading influence in  the "Not a Collation government".

However she may well find the role of poacher turned gamekeeper hard going indeed she may well acquire the new nickname of the pacified one . Something like "El chupete Uno"

If you have a better Translation please let me know.

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