Sunday, 4 September 2016

Clegg was not a victim but a willing partner.

Confession they say is good for the soul and if it is truly sincere it could lead to forgiveness .

I don't think  former Liberal Democrat leader  Nick Clegg's so called "Candid " interview  with the Guardian before the publication of his political  memoir,,Clegg said he found the behaviour of his senior Conservative partner “very unattractive, very cynical”

Standing out was his less than surprising allegation that...

“Welfare for Osborne was just a bottomless pit of savings, and it didn’t really matter what the human consequences were, because focus groups had shown that the voters they wanted to appeal to were very anti-welfare, and therefore there was almost no limit to those anti-welfare prejudices,
 Clegg hit out at David Cameron and his Conservative partners in government. He said the former Tory leader or the chancellor – “

I honestly can’t remember whom – looked genuinely nonplussed and said: ‘I don’t understand why you keep going on about the need for more social housing – it just creates Labour voters.’ They genuinely saw housing as a Petri dish for voters. It was unbelievable.”
 The Lib Dem MP also had harsh words for the current prime minister, Theresa May, with whom he claims  clashed repeatedly when she was home secretary.

“She kept saying there was this terrible ‘abuse’ of freedom of movement, when simply describing EU citizens exercising their right to come and work in the UK. They tried to insert statistics suggesting the number of UK citizens living and working in other EU countries was half a million lower than any other mainstream estimate,”
Clegg however was not a a member  of  a social liberal  minded but the leader of the Coalition partners if he felt that the Tories were deliberately using  Austerity as a means of destroying it he could have could have pulled out the coalition  but he didn't.

However we must remember that Clegg was am Orange Booker a term used  for identifying Liberal Democrats who adhere more strongly to economic and personal liberal principles, compared to those who more strongly identify with left-wing beliefs, such as members of the Social Liberal Forum or the Beveridge Group.

Edward Stourton from the BBC radio show Analysis argued that the Orange Book movement within the Liberal party was important in the founding of the Coalition government with the Conservatives. Conservative MP David Davis found a number of "areas of overlap" between Conservative policies and the views of the Orange Book authors

The  "Big Boys made do it"  claim will not wash he and most of his MPs surrended any moral authority in order  for a few ministerial cars,

But Clegg years, listed a number of “big mistakes” including the overly cosy press conference in the rose garden that launched the new government, and his agreement to sit beside Cameron at the weekly prime minister’s questions. The decision left him squirming, but unable to speak out, in the face of Labour attacks.

Clegg was not however a victim  psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.

He was a willing partner who relished his party getting a taste of government  and was willing to sacrifice any principal in order to keep it .

Tuition fees being a prime example . this is what he said before the 2010 General Election  which saw  him gain support  from students and their parents which may well have  helped the Liberal Democrats in seats with a large student population.

His agreement  to agree to a completely watered down a Proportional  Representation referendum in which STV was sacrificed for the the Alternative Vote system which no one really supported an which was easily defeated was another surrender.

Clegg let down  his Party, his Constituents,the electorate but also those who did nothave a vote in these Islands .

He doesn't  deserve our sympathy  of a "Good Man doing his best in difficult  circumstances ". but should be  derided for betraying those who trusted him and his party,


  1. Are you suggesting that the Lib Dems could be in any way duplicitous?

    1. I think I sm always suggesting that.

  2. I'm glad he wrote the book, not that I'd pay to read it, but it will be interesting to have some of these views aired. It's good, for example, to know that Osborne was doing exactly what many of us thought he was doing, for exactly the reason we thought he was doing it. And it's pathetically amusing, although not surprising, that two top English public schoolboys had no idea about the need for social housing.

    Clegg however, will pay for his 5 years of fame, by going down in history as the man who undid 50+ years of progress in the rehabilitation of the Liberal Party, and brought them back to being a tiny rump that no one pays any attention to.

    He said he was in it for the long game. Well the long game is 8 MPs (down from 58) and 5 MSPs (down from 16), 1 AM (down from 6) and 1 MEP (down from 12).

    That's some legacy.

    Félicitations Cleggie.