Monday, 5 September 2016

What is "Normal" anyway?

As someone who never married and who never (as far as I know) fathered any children . If I ever was elected I doubt anyone would have  suggested my lack of offspring was an impediment .
They may have questioned  my sexuality and that would probably have led me to make some explanation  that I was heterosexual but  never really was able to form a long term relationship.
Maybe its a hopeful some of the times that I would be derided over this more than if I was Gay, But as I say maybe there still a lot of homophobia out there.
Politicians are still expected  to be marrieds faithful and have 2.4 children  or maybe as Labour challenger for Jeremy’s Corbyn’s job as leader of the Labour Party, landed himself in a Twitter storm by talking about his family life on live television "Normal"
Responding to a journalist who described him as normal, Mr Smith took the phrase a compliment, and replied: 
“I am normal. I grew up in a normal household. I’ve got a wife and three children. My wife is a primary school teacher.”
We still get pictures of candidates with their families  as if to say we can be better represented by them,

Even when the Marriage  is shown to be a sham  we still get the loyal wife posing  with her husband as so perfectly exampled by David Mellor former mistress, actress Antonia de Sancha, sold her kiss and tell story of Mellor's extra-marital affair with her for £35,000 and led to his family joining him at the gates of his home to show support.

Campaigners and women of every political stripe have united in their condemnation of the Sunday Times for its presentation of a book extract about Nicola Sturgeon, in which she revealed that she had a miscarriage at the age of 40.
But while Sturgeon herself has received widespread support, there was anger about the way her disclosure was trailed as a “tantalising secret” by the newspaper and accompanied by a panel headed “childless politicians”, listing only high-profile women without children.
As has been also pointed out no one comments on a Male politicians except to make a cheap jibe questioning their sexuality.
Also there will be little coverage pf what Theresa May's husband Philip May, an investment banker will be wearing while he accompanies his wife in the same way the wife of male politician is often expected to dress.
One of the sad things about Owen Smith "Normal" assertion  is that it has led to some aspiring politician to seek a family because they believe that if  the true nature of their sexuality was revealed it would damage their career .
Things have changed but it still happens  is it not time we give up on what we regard as Normal and concentrate on the qualities of the candidate regardless  of their sexuality .
It was said once of Bill Clinton " I don't care who he's sleeping with so long as he doesn't tell us who we should be sleeping with".
The private lives of our politicians are just that private. Only when they are shown to hypocritically and  support a policy which they themselves are breaking should it be reported in the media.

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  1. I agree.

    I really couldn't care less about their bedroom arrangements, or any other arrangements for that matter, as long as they are legal. And they haven't voted against it for everyone else.

    I think it is nonsense to talk about what female politicians are wearing, but that said, if they all wore dark business suits as men are expected to, then much less would be said.

    Theresa may frequently looks like she dressed in the dark, or intending to go to an S&M Party. I'm pretty sure that if mr Cameron had worn the ridiculous outfit that she wore to go to Buckingham Palace, with great big yellow pockets and half her chest showing, comments would have been made.

    Now I couldn't care less what people wear... for me they can turn up in jeans or shorts or whatever, but whats's good for one is good for another. I understand that the speaker recently told a male MP to put on his tie, or leave the chamber, while Mrs May and others wander around with half their breasts on full display and no one says squat (at least to their face).

    I know there is a difference between male and female clothes but business wear is business wear. If you don;t want to be talked about, don't wear inappropriate clothes, is my motto.

    The Sunday Times used to be a quality paper. News of the World style headlines were not required. Serious people bought it and read it because they wanted to know the news. Now we all get that on the net. Newspapers have dumbed down to the level of the Daily Mail. Tits, Petula Clark in love at 83 (scandal, why isn't she knitting?), Keith Vaz with lads from Romania, Nicola's sad story, which deserved more sympathetic handling, etc etc etc. I wonder at the people that buy it.