Saturday, 10 September 2016

Welsh Conservatives "Don't tell the world Wales is a Nation"

Yesterdays speech by First Minister Carwyn Jones has been accused of an “unforgivable betrayal” of the Welsh people.
The Welsh Conservatives have criticised the Labour politician for using a speech in Chicago  to highlight tensions over Brexit, and to warn of dangers to the future of the United Kingdom.
The First Minister is seeking to highlight Wales as an attractive destination for Foreign Direct Investment, but faces criticism for stoking fears over the constitutional future of the UK.
As I the Wastong Mile and this Blog told his audience that a “two-way dialogue between Brussels and London” will “fail” and the final deal must be backed by the legislatures in Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast.
Responding to the speech, leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew RT Davies said: 
“There is a time and a place to discuss constitutional issues, but Carwyn Jones is supposed to be in America to sell Wales to the world like never before.
“Instead, in a speech that came straight out of the Nicola Sturgeon playbook, the First Minister chose to talk down the economy and to stoke greater uncertainty over the future of the United Kingdom.
“It’s an unforgivable betrayal of the people of Wales and can only harm prospects for inward investment.”
Does Mr Davies have a point?

 Maybe  but does "the Nicola Sturgeon Playbook"  harm or enhance Scotlan?

The Scottish First Minister when sh visits the USA does not have to explain where Scotland land is.

Americans by an large whilst knowing that Scotland and Ireland are Nations believe Wales is the equivalent of an English County Council

I can't directly Upload this but this  should take uo there work  as was shown last night on S4C wheb  Emrys Llywelyn loses his patience with an American film crew in Nigel Owens – Wyt t'in Gêm?.

Far from deriding our Welsh  First Minister for mentioning that Wales has its own legislature. What Caewyn Jones should be doing is promoting Wales as an Nation that has ambition for its place in the World .

I can imagine  that in the near future the First Minister of Scotland could be visiting Washington  to meet the President.

If a future Welsh First Minister still under the current devolution settlement the highest elect official they would meet would be the local Dog Catcher.

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  1. Having campaigned vigorously to leave the EU all Andrew RT Davies seems to be doing at the moment is blaming others for the lack of clarity and action.

    He clearly believes such action is required to offset the damage that will be done to Wales when we leave the single market.

    But wait, will Brexit mean Brexit as Theresa May has told us it will. At the moment we don't know what it will mean or where the negotiations, that haven't yet started, will leave us.

    So yes Andrew TR Davies, you're right. Wales needs to prepare for Brexit, but your petty whining and talking Wales down is not helping matters.