Monday, 12 September 2016

We need to find someway out of here/

"The UK government will not provide a "running commentary" on its Brexit negotiations with the EU, Theresa May told MPs 7 September 2016)". 

Whatever  you views on  on  Brexit it is clear that the those who are supposed to negotiate it are clueless on how they are going to do it and indeed what they exactly want to achieve.

You can imagine the Tories however seeing Brexit as a Maze and have come up with the simple solution of "When in a Maze keep right".

That is of course the Tories solution to everything .

Or rather it an easy way to explain what is in reality an ideological  agenda.

In the same way they used the Banking  collapse of 2007 (Yes it was that long ago) to introduce Austerity measures to attack the welfare state Brexit  will be used to amend remove the Human Rights Act.

Immigration will become increasingly an issue  as the Tories need to cover their ineptitude  and voters start getting cold feet and maybe calling for another vote to confirm Brexit.

The Tories by their plan to reintroduce Grammar School are also seeking to give the impression that there was a Golden Age  before we joined the EU and we need to go back to it .

They don't have to convince the majority of us but less than 30% of those eligible to vote ,

With many of those who will be excluded from this new "Golden Age" not voting The Tories only have to dangle the prospect that some may benefit from crap gimmicks  such as Grammar School and dam the rest to win.

But as means as getting out of a Maze Keeping to the right  doesn't exist.

As Jerome K Jerome pointed out about Hampton Court Maze in "Three Men in Boat".

"We'll just go in here, so that you can say you've been, but it's very simple. It's absurd to call it a maze. You keep on taking the first turning to the right. We'll just walk round for ten minutes, and then go and get some lunch."
...Harris kept on turning to the right, but it seemed a long way, and his cousin said he supposed it was a very big maze.
"Oh, one of the largest in Europe", said Harris.
"Yes, it must be", replied the cousin, "because we've walked a good two miles already."
Harris began to think it rather strange himself, but he held on until, at last, they passed the half of a penny bun on the ground that Harris's cousin swore he had noticed there seven minutes ago.

Before any one points out that keeping left wouldn't  work either . I argued against entering the Maze in the first place and I certainly  wouldn't have done so without a map.

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