Sunday, 11 September 2016

Liam Fox the new Gerald Ratner?

The fact the Trade Secretary Liam Fox is still in his Job could be a pointer  to a Tory Government  that believes that it is impregnable  and  will be able to do what it likes for decades without fear of loosing power 
Dr Fox was under pressure to apologise for his  remarks, that  business leaders  “too lazy and too fat” to succeed.which also included the allegation that bosses are more interested in playing golf than winning in tough export markets.
But No10 continued to stand by the key pro-Brexit Cabinet minister, after its initial insistence that he was merely “expressing private views”.
A source said the entire Government was focused on ensuring post-Brexit Britain traded its way to prosperity “whatever form of words we use”.
Dr Fox found himself in the firing line after his explosive comments to the Thatcherite Conservative Way Forward group, last Thursday, were reported by The Times.
At a drinks reception, the International Trade Secretary - a former GP - said: 
“This country is not the free-trading nation that it once was. We have become too lazy and too fat on our successes in previous generations.
“What is the point of us reshaping global trade, what is the point of us going out and looking for new markets for the United Kingdom, if we don't have the exporters to fill those markets?”
He continues 
“People have got to stop thinking about exporting as an opportunity and start thinking about it as a duty - companies who could be contributing to our national prosperity but choose not to, because it might be too difficult or too time-consuming, or because they can’t play golf on a Friday afternoon.”
 To No.10's embarrassment, it was the second time in a week that it had been forced to describe comments by a Cabinet minister helping to pursue Britain's EU withdrawal as a private view.

Brexit Secretary David Davis was slapped down for suggesting Single Market membership is “very improbable” without border controls - leaving only Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson gaffe-free so far and that can't be long in coming.
A number 10 source said: 
“Whatever form of words we use, the point we all want to make is that Britain can trade its way to greater prosperity, with the well paid jobs and security that entails.
And a spokesman for Dr Fox said:
 “Dr Fox is committed to supporting the full range of businesses in the UK so that they can best take advantage of the opportunities that Brexit presents.”
This Blog is no fan of Business Leaders  but any fool can see if you want to present yourself in the best light as a Nation that is seeking new partnerships with the world after Brexit  describing them as  "Fat and Lazy" is not  the way do go about it.

It is reminiscent  of Gerald Ratner  the formerly chief executive of the major British jewellery company Ratners Group 
Although widely regarded as "tacky",the shops and their wares were nevertheless extremely popular with the public, until Ratner made a speech addressing a conference of the Institute of Directors at the Royal Albert Hall on 23 April 1991.[6] During the speech, he commented:
He compounded this by going on to remark that some of the earrings were "cheaper than an M&S prawn sandwich but probably wouldn't last as long." Ratner's comments have become textbook examples of why chief executives should choose their words carefully. In the furore that ensued, customers exacted their revenge by staying away from Ratner shops. After the speech, the value of the Ratner group plummeted by around £500 million, which very nearly resulted in the firm's collapse

Fox's  view could  prove to be an even worse outcome.. 

Those of us who opposed Brexit  may well be proven right in that it will be disastrous for the economy of these Islands . But few will take much comfort  from saying "I told you so".

But we have a Government that seems intent on screwing up the implications of the Brexit vote and ruining any chance that we may survive the need to renegotiate and  find new  markets, with the  business sector intact and a economy that doesn't go into permanent  free-fall. 

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