Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Witney byelection could be an opportunity Green (Progressive Alliance ).

So now no longer Prime Minister  the prospect of being an ordinary backbencher does not appeal to David Cameron and he will resign his seat of Witney .

In the face of it there will be no problem for Tories in retaining the seat

General Election 2015: Witney[13][14][15]
ConservativeDavid Cameron35,20160.2+1.4
LabourDuncan Enright10,04617.2+4.2
UKIPSimon Strutt5,3529.2+5.7
Liberal DemocratAndy Graham3,9536.8-12.7
GreenStuart Sutherland MacDonald2,9705.1+0.9
National Health ActionClive Peedell6161.1N/A
Wessex RegionalistColin Roland Bex1100.2+0.1
IndependentChristopher Tompson940.2N/A
Reduce VAT in SportVivien Inez Saunders560.1N/A
Give Me Back ElmoBobby Smith370.1N/A
Land PartyDeek Jackson350.1N/A
IndependentNathan Paul Handley120.02N/A
Conservative holdSwing-1.4
However some of  Camerons votes surely  come from his high profile  when he first stood in 2001  did not have the dominance  he has now
General Election 2001: Witney[20]
ConservativeDavid Cameron22,15345.0+2.0
LabourMichael Bartlet14,18028.8-1.8
Liberal DemocratGareth Epps10,00020.3+0.5
GreenMark Stevenson1,1002.2+1.1
IndependentBarry Beadle1,0032.0N/A
UKIPKenneth Dukes7671.6+0.2
Conservative holdSwing+1.9
Even if you look at the last vote nearly 40% of those who turned up to vote did not vote for Cameron even though it was clear to them he was going to win.

With Labour likely at war with itself  and Ukip perhaps floundering in finding a unique selling point  after the Brexit referendum who will voters to in an Anti-Tory vote

Well maybe the LibDems bit a few council byelection gains are not totally convincing as an indication that they are making a recovery which will take them back to anything like their pre 2015 level.

Does this mean that there is an alternative? With 5.1% of the vote the Greens may be far behind but the potential is still there .

With a little imagination they can put forward themselves  as part of a "Progressive Alliance" of Parties like Plaid,SNP,Mebyon Kernow together  with regional parties that offer a real alternative,

According to Wikipedia the Wessex Regionalist Party  which has has stood in Witney is a Centre Left Party which pr emotes Wessex Regionalism,Civic nationalism,Social democracy, and Environmental protection so on paper an Ideal partner.

OK their vote is dismal but that does not mean there is no potential for arguing for Wesssx devolution

Plaid and the SNP could offer help in the organisation of the Green (Progressive Alliance) Byelection whilst not making a presence that results in the Daily Mail going into  apoplectic fit.

I know this seems unlikely but if we a to have a real Progressive  alternative to the Tories we need to take this opportunity.


  1. Good post Glyn. In these post brexit times and a nascent hard right british nationalism rearing its ugly head the progressive forces in the UK have to think of working together more. And if Jeremy Corbyn's labour wants to prevent the tories gaining a sizeable majority in 2020 he needs to give serious thought to being part of such a progressive alliance.

  2. Please sign this petition asking progressive candidates to stand down and between them agree a single candidate to stand in the by-election on 20 October: