Friday, 9 September 2016

Carwyn seems to be worried we may be looking at Scotland with envy.

There appears to be an element not only among  those who backed Brexit  resembling  a Man who resigns from his local Club because of the price of subscription but keeps turning up  wanting to use the facilities.

Today Wasting Mule  claims that First Minister Carwyn Jones will today warn that Wales will not consent to a Brexit deal that fails to guarantee the nation continued access to the European single market.
The Welsh Labour leader will use a speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs to set out his vision for post-Brexit Wales.
Mr Jones will tell his American audience: 
“Securing Wales’ place in the European single market, reforming the UK as a more federal union of four sovereign peoples, and building stronger links with the United States, our oldest friend and ally – those are my goals for Wales”.
 “I believe that the interests of Wales and the UK were best served by remaining in the European Union. The people took a different view, albeit by a fairly narrow margin.“Of course, I respect the result of the referendum. However I am absolutely clear that Wales is, and will remain, ‘open for business’.
“I believe it is absolutely vital that when we leave the EU the United Kingdom must retain access to the single market. Without that guarantee we risk inflicting needless economic harm on our country and on our citizens.
“I have absolutely no intention of allowing Wales’ fate to be left to chance, for us to be passive observers in this most momentous of decisions. Wales and the other devolved nations must play a full and active role in the negotiations to leave the EU, to ensure our interests are fully protected.
“If this becomes a two-way dialogue between Brussels and London, it will fail. Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast must also have seats at the table. Whatever deal is finally negotiated its acceptance should be subject to the support of the four Parliaments that now legislate for the UK.
“I cannot envisage consent being given by Wales unless the UK both secures access to the single market and delvers solid assurances to our citizens from other EU countries.”

 He will tell his audience that a “two-way dialogue between Brussels and London” will “fail” and the final deal must be backed by the legislatures in Cardiff, Edinburgh, and Belfast.
Mr Jones will also step up his call for “radical” constitutional change, warning that the “break-up of the UK” is possible.
He will caution that “scenarios that seemed little more than political fantasies a few years ago could become plausible”.
 “I believe that the interests of Wales are well served by our membership of the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom is better and stronger for having Wales in it. This is a view shared by a large majority of Welsh people.
“In the EU referendum campaign the Leave campaign promised time after time that Wales would be no worse off financially if we left the EU. Many of those campaigners are now in prominent positions in the UK Government.
“They have an absolute duty to deliver on what they promised.
So is Carwyn major worry there might be an a movement to emulate Scotland whose First Minister can dangle the possibility that Scotland  by a second Independence referendum  remain or weiftly rejoin the European Union and the single market.
There are signs that Europe are getting impatient with the "What do we do now"? response Number Ten including many who campaigned for Brexit 
European Council president Donald Tusk told Prime Minister Mrs May “the ball is now in your court” during Downing Street discussions.
Brexit Secretary David Davis said this week that continued membership of the single market was “very improbable” if the UK had to give up control of its borders.
Well Duh.
I Wales wants to secure its future in or out of Europe  (and I still believe  its better in) we can't rely on Westminster  to do this.
But neither can we rely on a Welsh Government  that has no ambition for securing for Wales  to move forward in its own decision making.
Scotland is showing us the way. All Carwyn and the rest of the Unionist parties can do is act like a child shouting " look at me, look at me " as Europe look at our cousins in the North of these Islands who have decided their big enough to do things their own way.

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