Friday, 2 September 2016

Labour HQ now resembles Orwellian Ministry ,

Well it does seem that Labour are prepared to expel anyone
The Wasting Mule reports that 
 A political blogger from Cardiff has been expelled from the Labour Party for voting Tory – in an online Twitter poll.
Tomos Doran was told he was ineligible to remain a member of the party over a tweet in which he admitted to this.
He retweeted the poll and wrote:
 “I voted Conservative in this. Felt so wrong, even though it’s not a real election. But must be honest with myself.”
A month later, the 29 year old received a letter from the party saying.
A month later, the 29 year old received a letter from the party saying.
It said: 
“It has been brought to our attention... that you have made comments on twitter on 18 March 2016 and you have publicly shown support for the Conservative Party on Twitter on 14 July 2016.”
Maybe Mr Doran actions was an attempt by the  thought Police currently trawling through thousands of Social Media pages to prove it is not just Corbyn supporters  they are acting against.

 Mr Doran said he sent the tweet because he was unhappy with the current leader Jeremy Corbyn.
He wrote: 
Put it like this: to win, Labour needs to win over people who vote Tory. It's now throwing people out for THINKING about voting Tory.
— Tomos Doran (@portraitinflesh) August 31, 2016
Mr Doran said:
 “When I read the letter it was disbelief really. I had heard people had been kicked out but didn’t expect it to happen to me.“I have been anti-Corbyn but so have a lot of people. I was holding out that the party would return to some sanity.“I am still loyal Labour supporter but they obviously don’t want me. I have actually heard of people getting expelled for pro-Green tweets.“I am pretty sure I have been kicked out because they said in the letter I was ineligible to remain a member.”
Maybe Labour should adopt Orwell 1984 banner  who ever wins.
How many members of Labour's thought Police are at work here ?
Are they systematically going through the kist of members from A-Z (Good luck Mr Zinnerman) or are they receiving  daily reported from "informants".
When will the first member be suspended  for "liking" something "National Left" has posted?
What is going to happen after the Leadership Election  when Labour members write in Facebook that they disprove of the choice of leader . 
Labour need to wake up and ee that its members are not the "Proles" of  1984 blindly following the ruling of Big Brother and the Inner Party  who are obeyed without question regardless of any change in policy.
I can't help thinking that the election will see Corbyn elected but every attempt will be made to make sure his supporters are silenced .
Lets face going on the reasons why people are being purged even if I was to undergo a Damascene conversion I would be ineligible for membership under the current criteria.
However if I was an senior figure  of another party who crossed the floor . I would be welcomed with pen arms . 
Maybe  the Ministries of Truth and Love at Labour HQ would be set to to work expunging as much criticism of the party as possible by the defector.
Labour as largely due to the Corbyn Factor the largest membership of any party in the UK . 
We can only wonder how many people who have a record of engaging in political discussions would be eligible to join based on current Ministry of Truth criteria.


  1. The irony of this story - an irony which appears to be lost on both mr doran and Wol - is that it's corbyn's opponents running the welsh labour party who have expelled him. It's corbyn's blairite opponents who are carrying out these wholesale purges of people for any comment they ever might have made on social media in the past - just dont expect the corbyn bashing Wol to point this out.

  2. Chris Bryant needs to watch is step - didn't he used to be a member of the Conservative Party.

    He'd better not say anything nice about his Tory friends at Westminster or he might face the chop.