Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Owen Smith's Gaffes . Does it mean he has noone to advise him?

Given the amount of gaffes that Own Smith  has made during his Labour leadership campaign . I am beginin to wonder  how much serious support he has amongst the Parliamentary Labour Party.g

Surely he would have some minders  who would advise him and check that the spin is positive  .

For Smith this means stopping him making   offencive Tweets like this

Even  has insistence that he does not have a problem with women as he defended a contentious tweet about Nicola Sturgeon looks amateurish. 

The Labour MP for Pontypridd currently locked in a battle for leadership with Jeremy Corbyn was accused of sexism earlier this year after tweeting that he had been served the perfect slice by “ladies” and a picture of gobstoppers which he said would be the “perfect present” for the Scottish First Minister. 
Speaking at a press conference in London this morning, Mr Smith insisted he did not regret sending the tweet despite the reaction it provoked. 
“It was a joke tweet,” he said. “I don't think it was in any way meant to be intended in any way other than that. No, I don't regret it. I just think it was a bit of political banter during an election contest.”
He said the number of women on his campaign is proof he does not have a problem with women.  at a husting from  Women's Labour Network 
Indeed, after a time it became glaringly obvious that in their rush to policy and political s
The most dramatic moment of the evening came when Smith was confronted by an audience member about his repeated use of language that she described as ‘deeply gendered [and] quite violent towards women’.
As Buzzfeed reports, she continued:
“All of this is offensive and concerning, and when women have raised it, you write that off by saying it’s banter and we should learn to take a joke.
“Well, that’s the response women get every day in their workplaces, university campuses and schools … I can’t support someone as leader who says that. So will you apologise?”
Smith did not apologise. He said that being portrayed as sexist during the campaign has been a ‘mortifying experience’, claimed his comments had been misconstrued and denied that he is sexist ‘in any way shape or form’, even as the overwhelmingly female audience responded with incredulous jeering.
We can also remember  that  Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood – was once told by Mr Smith that she is only invited onto TV shows like the BBC’s Question Timebecause of her “gender”/
Now we have a man who appears to want to have his fingers on the "UK"  trigger (and says he'll use it) has made a security gaffe
By the  tweeting out an image o put out by  at a  Owen Smith’s team had a fascinating detail in the a phone canvassing session.

On a whiteboard beside the candidate any eagle-eyed Twitter user could make out the web address, ID, username, and password required to log onto the Pontypridd MP’s phone bank system.
It (We can only wonder about the connection).was quickly noted that the password – “Survation” – is the name of a prominent polling company.
Such gaffes if reported during a General Election campaign would be derided by the Media which largely remains silent  over Mr Smith  hopeless campaigning.
But perhaps  we  need to ask why is he not being protected from his own folly by his fellow Anyone But Corbyn  plotters.
Can it be that they realise that a Smith leadership could be a bigger disaster  than they believe  Corbyn might be  and that they have no confidence in him?
How else can we explain in these days of Spin Doctors and Political Parties intensive  organisation see such obvious cock ups.\/


  1. Glyn - everything about Owen Smith is amateurish!

  2. I think you're right. It sounds like he has Peter Noone formerly of Herman's Hermits advising him.