Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Universal praise for Welsh Governments 5 year plan.

The Welsh Government has rocked the political world with the announcement of its five-year plan .

Most ambition plan by a legislature since Roosevelt's new deal
Washington Post
Welsh Labour Five Year Plan silences opposition Parties.
Wasting Mule 
The SNP can learn from Welsh Government
Daily Record
 Wales führt der Weg, 
Der Spiegel
 Carwyn Jones prend du Pays de Galles vers de nouveaux sommets.
In a bumber 16 pages  The main pledges include:
  • 30 hours free childcare a week for parents of three and four-year-olds
  • 100,000 apprenticeships open to people of all ages
  • cutting business rates for small firms
  • improved access to GP surgeries, plus a fund for new treatments
  • money to drive-up school standards and refurbish or build new schools
  • building an M4 relief road and a South Wales Metro, and set up a new not-for-profit rail franchise
  • fast reliable broadband for every property in Wales,

Both Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith supporters were united in their administration for Carwyn Jones a Corbyn backer said it was reminiscence  of the post war Atlee government  while a prominent  associate of Owen Smith claimed  it was exactly the sought of program he would be seeking to put forward in the next General Election,

The Welsh Political Parties were unable to find much fault

Plaid Cymru said that it included much of pledges that were part of a deal struck in return for allowing Carwyn Jones to be re-elected as first minister back in May, but admitted they were still overwhelmed with the scope of ambitious programme.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats claimed that the presence of their sole AM KirstyWilliams in the Labour cabinet showed that they had a huge influence in the Welsh Government.

The Conservatives said it was "difficult to disagree" with the plans .

And a Ukip spokesman said that  such a programme would remove all doubt  amongst it supporters over the value of devolution  .

Clearly a New Dawn is arriving in Wales  with  Carwyn Jones the most Dynamic and Hardworking  politician in the whole of the UK at the helm we no have no need to worry about the implications of Brexit  but can carry on with the real priorities affecting Wales.

At this point I realised that maybe my blood sugar levels were a bit low and I was getting confused and had to take some Dextrose tablets.

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