Monday, 1 August 2016

Would Andrew R. T, Davies have accepted a Welsh veto if we voted Remain?

Walws Onlinw  has Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies telling  Labour and Plaid Cymru to get over the result of the EU referendum and start exploiting new opportunities

He writes 
Anyone who has fought an election will be able to empathise with the feeling you get when you’re on the wrong side of the result. But you pick yourself up, dust yourself down and make the most of the situation you find yourself in. Or at least that’s what you’re supposed to do.
Sadly, that’s not been the reaction of much of the political establishment here in Wales to the result of the EU referendum.
Instead of accepting the result and seeking a positive outcome for a post-Brexit Wales, there is a sense of active hostility to it from the Welsh Labour Government and Plaid Cymru. A profoundly toxic political narrative is emerging; a sense that they are privately willing it to fail.
Carwyn Jones has ruled out cross-party co-operation on Brexit, and admits that he sees no value in involving those who campaigned for a Vote to leave in the negotiations. Leanne Wood responded to the result with impressive arrogance.
They voted to leave the European Union and they want to see politicians making a success of our new relationship with the continent – not engaging in petty student politics designed to create prolonged uncertainty and unsettle people.Despite the warnings of the architects of project fear, disaster has so far been averted. If you stockpiled tinned food and powdered milk for the Brexit fall-out it’s time to start putting it to use.
Interesting  isn't it  Mr Davies may be right in his argument that Wales is an Euro Sceptic Nation 

But if you read his argument  then surely it means that if Wales had voted to leave would he be arguing  that Wales should not be taken out of the EU against its will?

He accuses  Leanne Wood  of arrogance  and he says
Never mind that the people of Wales want to leave the EU, her party now plans to campaign for an independent Wales to rejoin it.
But can he answer the question 
"What if Wales voted to Remain!?
Would he arguing that "Wales is a Europhile Nation" and that the views of her people should be taken into account?

Or would he argue that the vote should be taken  only in a UK and Northern Ireland  contest.?

Well we don't know what he would do about Wales, but Scotland voted to Remain by a huge majority .

So does he accept the right of Scotland to  veto  Brexit..

Or are his words about Wales  just hot air and he is a Unionist politician  who obeys his London Masters?

You can't simply chose to claim the will of the people of Wales should be obeyed so long as it's the same as the rest if the  UK and Northern Ireland .

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