Thursday, 25 August 2016

Tories copy LibDem misleading campaign leaflets.

I must admit I've missed the occasional leaflets from the LIbDems delivered in the lull between elections in which a candidate is portrayed    among a number of backdrops in the local ward or constituency  culminating  of course in the "Little Bargraphs"  in which they claimed only the LibDems can beat Labour.

Not to worry because it appears here in Beddau  we are going to have the pleasure of a Tory candidate  sanding in the ward in next years council elections.

I don't think that the LibDems can accuse our local Tories of plagiarism ,but if you changed the colour of the leaflet  and substituted Liberal Democrat for Conservative then you would not be surprised by its context,

So here we are

It of course contains the obligatory picture of the candidate with the sign welcoming people to our vilage

I'm not sure is aspirant Sam Trask is aware of the cost of Road Maintenance  but £360,000 seems to be a very small amount  in the overall expenditure.

I don't know who has experienced  "anger and bemusement" over but it is however very strange that  the leaflet was delivered  on the period that the main road to Llantrisant has been closed for weeks as a much called for footpath is being built.

It is being built however because the council want to transfer Llantisant pupils from Y Pant in Talbot Green to Bryn Celynnog school in Beddau and not for those of us who have taken their life in thier hands over the years walking between Beddau and Llan.

Then we come to the "Little Bargraph"and it would make the local Lib Dems Blush.

What were the results in 2015 and 2016

Well the Tories did come second in  the 2045 Ge've eral Election so they use that

for their graph

General Election 2015: Pontypridd [8][9][10]
LabourOwen Smith15,55441.1+2.3
ConservativeAnn-Marie Mason6,56917.3+1.1
UKIPAndrew Tomkinson[11]5,08513.4+10.0
Liberal DemocratMike Powell[12]4,90412.9−18.3
Plaid CymruOsian Lewis4,34811.5+4.2
GreenKaty Clay[13]9922.6+1.6
Socialist LabourDamien Biggs[14]3320.9−0.3
TUSCEsther Pearson980.3N/A
Labour holdSwing−0.1

However  last May the came third

Welsh Assembly Election 2016: Pontypridd[1]
LabourMick Antoniw9,98639.4−11.4
Plaid CymruChad Rickard4,65918.4+4.9
ConservativeJoel James3,88415.3−0.4
UKIPEdwin Allen3,32213.1+13.1
Liberal DemocratsMike Powell2,97911.8−6.1
GreenKen Barker5082.0+2.0
Labour holdSwing
It is interesting  that the leaflet is promoted  by the sole Tory on RHondda Cynon Taf council Joel James the same Joel James who came third in 2016.

Still why not omit the actual facts if they do not suit your argument . Something the Tories seem to be doing from the Prime Minister to a no hope candidate in my village.

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