Saturday, 27 August 2016

Never mind Labour leader Smith is not fit to be my MP.

Whatever you think about Traingate ans whether it was a silly stunt that was exposed or that it was an organised attempt to smear Jeremy Corbyn it is surely as nothing compared to his contender Owen Smith ludicrous claim this week that schools in his area are under pressure due to migration.

According to the New Statesman , "Smith noted that his wife is a school teacher and that schools in their local area are under pressure from 'significant numbers into South Wales of people fleeing the Middle East'".

Lets make it clear he's referring to  his constituency Pontypridd not where he lives in London whilst Parliament his sitting (but even then  it would be misleading).

Even the Wasting Mule is sceptical about Smith's claims. pointing out that 

We've dug up the figures for school applications in Rhondda Cynon Taf - which the Pontypridd constituency sits within - and they are actually struggling to fill their places.
Last year, there were:
  • 476 surplus places in RCT primary schools
  • And 715 surplus places in RCT secondary schools
  • Hardly any pupils didn't get their first choice school
Neither has there been significant immigration into the area
  • Just 2.1% of Rhondda Cynon Taf's residents were born outside the UK
  • The number of foreign nationals living in the area is actually falling
  • Between April and June this year, Home Office figures show RCT settled just 18 Syrian refugees

Plaid lesder accused Smith of  of 'pandering to people's fears'

Ms Wood said:
 “The refugee debate to date has been driven by scaremongering and misinformation.“To hear one of the contenders for Labour’s leadership, a potential Labour leader, joining in by misleading is pandering to people’s fears on this question and is concerning.“Official figures show that RCT has accepted 18 refugees fleeing from war-torn Syria to the area, but the MP for Pontypridd claims there are ‘significant numbers’ of people from the Middle East across the south of Wales.“Misleading comments of this nature have a damaging effect on our communities. I condemn politicians from all parties who use inflammatory rhetoric which seeks to divide and pander to politics of the far right.“What we hear from extremists in Ukip should not become the language of mainstream politics.”
After Traingate some used this to claim right or wrong it proved a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party is equipped to endure the white heat of a six week general election campaign, I would venture to suggest Smith use if the "Migrants Card" makes him not only infit to lead labour it makes him unfit to be my MP in Pontypridd.

Whilst his felow coup are ent purge anyone whose social media profile indicate they may be backing Corbyn including apparently someone who posted her love of rock band Foo Fighters on Facebook. Smith seems to be making attacks on Corbyn that would surely match any criteria used by those urging the ranks.

At a rally on Tuesday evening, Smith described Jeremy Corbyn as a “lunatic” with no “coherent narrative about what’s wrong with Britain.

Why wasn't this and what looks like an attempt to pander to the Ukip agenda given the same in depth analysis as Traingate on at least the BBC . I think we all know the answer. 

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  1. Are we sure he's not a Tory.

    Sounds seriously like trying to stir up racial hatred with a pile of easily identifiable lies.

    Why do they do these things?

    The man, as you say, isn't fit to be an MP never mind a leader and as for one day being Prime Minister...well, it's laughable.

    Seriously the Eagle woman was a better bet fro all her inadequacies.