Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Like Dracula, Farage will return.

Will he return? I of course mean Nigel Farage  who after the Brexit vote made the rather cowardly astute decision to resign as Ukip leader '

In doing so he has largely  let the focus  of the mess that Brexit has led us into on others not only  fellow leave campaigners but those who feel we have no option but to obey the referendum result.

He then has only got to wait and make a Churchillian  return from the Wilderness to lead his Party and save England (because that what he really believes in)from the "faint hearts and traitors.

In an interview on Russia Today suggested that he in fact might return as UKIP leader if Brexit is not delivered as he would like. He added that hoped he doesn’t have to but he would consider “plunging back in”.

As has been pointed out 
If he did then it would be his fourth non-consecutive term leading Team Purple.He first resigned the job in 2009 so that he could fight the speaker, John Bercow, in Buckingham. This proved to be a disaster in many ways. In the election, in which the mainstream parties did not stand, he was pushed into a poor third place on 17% behind a prominent pro-EU Conservative. On election day itself, of course, the private plane he was flying in towing a UKIP banner crashed and he was badly injured.

His next resignation came in the immediate aftermath of GE2015 when his party secured only one seat, the CON defector Douglas Carswell, and he himself was beaten by the Tories in Thanet South. That resignation lasted the weekend and by the following Tuesday he was back in the job.In the current leadership race Farage’s favoured contender, Steven Woolfe, did not get on the ballot after a ruling by the party’s NEC.

I suspect Farage secretly was hoping for  a REMAIN vote so he could argue that he and his party could win power by getting the vote of the half of the population who wanted out.

So maybe the Brexit victory left him and Ukip in a quandary much of their USP had gone and that left them with Anti- Immigration as the main battlefield in which they can claim to lead.

Maybe even some Kippers would find this unpleasant.

It may be ironic that the only way we can be sure that the "Stake in the Hart" works this time is to hope Brexit goes through smoothly and quickly

That's not going to happen however and I bet Farage will be back in under a year.

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  1. Did he make the decision, or was the decision made for him, and Cameron, and Osborne, and Johnson, and Gove and Leadsome? Who really runs this democratically deficient mess?