Sunday, 7 August 2016

We should compete as Cymru and not Wales at all sporting events.

If Scotland had voted YES in the Olympic Referendum then the negotiations would probably have  not been completed  by the time of the current Rio games but for many of us in Wales may have had a tear in the eye to here the team from  Escocia  being announced among the teams in the opening ceremony.

Of course it would be nothing as compared to hearing  Pays de Gales  entering the arena.

But if the recent European Football Championship  proved  raising our profile on the World Stage does us no harm  at all.

We may have a problem  in promoting Cymru as a  the real name of our Nation though as the host country may use a version of Wales as our name hence the  Portuguese " Pays de Gales" that would have been used in Brazil  if we were to have entered as an Independent Nation.

But one place we could start is the Common Wealth Games  where I would prefer us to enter the Arena  in the opening ceremony as Cymru rather  than at the back as Wales.

Indeed it would be somewhat symbolic of how we see ourselves in the World.

As a Independent Nation forging our own Place i the World or stil tied to the "For Wales see England" mentality  .

Maybe its time this was pushed  in the Assembly  and our sporting bodies encouraged to use Cymru  as often as  possible.

It would also nice to see Cornwall or rather Kernow competing in the Commonwealth Games 

The United Kingdom competes as its separate Home NationsOverseas Territories, and Crown Dependencies

 if Jersey and Guernsey can enter. Why not  our Celtic cousins ?

Hopefully Scotland will enter the arena in Tokyo in 2020 as an Independent Nation.

It is somewhat sad for the best I can hope for is for  for us to enter  as Cymru  for the Gold Coast Commonwealth  Games in Australia 2018 but its a start.

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