Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The rise of Ukip and daytime television.

An article on the Huffington Post By  Michael Rosenblum  gives a gloomy prediction that Donald Trump will win in November and makes a case that the dumbing down of Television will be a major factor. I have been unable to copy the whole article so I have  scanned the first page you can read the whole thing on the website.

It is of course not just in the US. Here that we are faced with dumbing down of Television but even worse we are faced with a multitude of programs , on Benefit Scroungers , Rip off Merchantts from the truly appalling Jeremy Kyle show to daytime BBC television programs like Saints and Scroungers which must leave many of of the viewers with a view that we live in a World populated with Benefit Scroungers , Buglers and Con Artists.

This together with Fly on the Wall documentaries which seem to have a disproportionate scenes which include migrants legal or illegal caught in some scam or another.

Is there a link behind the demographic that votes Ukip and watch such programmes on mainstream daytime television the jury is out.

But it appears to me that we are a long way from the Reithian concept of "Inform, Educate and Entertain"  not only for the BBC but all of the media.

We are left with only the Entertain concept and that is a banal one one reality shows and constantly told as in the series "Rip off Britain" people are out to get us particularly foreigners. 

Are we getting the TV we deserve? If it is true there can be little complaint that we get the government we deserve.

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