Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Carwyn can't speak for Wales if he has no ambition for us.

First Minister Carwyn Jonws  has at last  come to realise that we need a Welsh Response  to Brexit 
Claiming that Brexit means it is time to sell Wales to the world like "never before", Carwyn Jones has said.
Mr Jones announced the Welsh Government had appointed officials to represent Wales in EU negotiations.
He reiterated his support for the UK remaining in the single market - but said he was not making the same demands on Europe's system of freedom of movement.
He announced 
"We've got to sell Wales to the world... like never before,"
"We need to reassert our confidence and we need to do it now."
Mr Jones revealed he is visiting the US next week as part of his drive to drum up business, while Economy Secretary Ken Skates is heading to Japan in October.
The problem is that unlike the Scottish First Minister and the SNP government  he is limited by the devolution settlement  and by his willingness to see the Welsh Assembly as a Branch Office of Westminster.
You can imagine when he is asked what incentives Wales can offer, admitting  that it would depend on the attitude of Westminster  Ministers.
We can only wonder what level of senior embers of the US ot Japanese government and company executives he will meet.
But I would be surprised to find whether it was on the same level we would see Nicola Sturgeon  who can offer a confident and determined Scottish Government dangling the possibility of Scotland remaining in the EU and the markets that will be kept  or newly created.
I can see the scenario  in Washington or Tokio where a under secretary meets Carwyn or Ken Skates and asks the questions?
"Where is Wales exactly" ?
"So you have a Parliament  like Scotland?"
"We have just met Ms  Sturgeon AND HER TEAMwell not us but our Bosses , does this mean  that you favour getting the same powers to run the economy she wants?"
"No. why not?"
"I see. You prefer these were dealt with by London. So why are you here?"
"So basically you are here to say that Wales is open for business but you can't really do anything"?
"Thank you Mr Jones . I advise you before your next visit to have a word with Ms Sturgeon on how you should promote your little country."
"Wales is a country  you said who would have thought it. Close the door as you leave."
 Of course Carwyn is all we got at the moment . a Lethargic First Minister who has no ambition for his Nation's place in the World.

Perhaps its what we deserve and the lack of ambition for the future of Wales is a reflection of the Nation as a whole.

But the recent events have shown we cannot go on like this and unless we prove to the World that we can emulate Scotland in its ambition and drive towards Independence , The World will ignore us.

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