Sunday, 21 August 2016

It just gets Nastier and Nastier, in "Welsh" Ukip branch,

The Civil War in UKIP's  Welsh branch  seems to gry nastier and nastier with AM  MEP Nathan Gill dening denied allegations that he misused European Parliamentary money , claiming they form part of an attempt by opponents in the party to damage his reputation.

The EU counter-fraud body Olaf is investigating a series of specific allegations made by former employees of the Ukip Wales leader, who this week resigned from the Ukip group at the National Assembly, where he represents North Wales.

“Having spoken to the police, I am in no doubt whatsoever that these claims – which are entirely bogus - have been made against me as part of an ongoing strategy to harry me out of my position and to damage my reputation at a time when a membership ballot is due to take place.
“One of the allegations being made, appallingly using a stolen personal bank statement, relates to a simple and honest, lawful transaction using my own money to replace my car.
"Another sign of the entirely fictitious nature of these claims is an assertion that one of my employees is my brother-in-law: this is demonstrably untrue and will come as a very considerable surprise to him, his wife and family.
“I trust that those wilfully attempting to harm me will face appropriate charges.
"I find it utterly incredible that this ongoing, baseless and vicious campaign against me is being pursued as a priority by some within Ukip whose morals are deeply questionable.
"A completely new politics has come into Ukip Wales in the past year and I have suffered ongoing abuse and public slander as a result.”
 Ukip's Welsh Assembly leader  Neil Hamilton has hardly  been  supportive
 challenged Mr Gill to publish his expenses

Whether Mr Gill is guilty of any of the charges laid against him is for the investigators to decide.

But it does seem that Mr Gill was "shopped" by his own party . We can only wonder if this was on the spirit of " openness and transparency " referred to by Mr Hamilton who as we no has always done so. (Yeah). I leave readers to decide for themselves.

Ukip support in the UK as collapsed to 6% one wonders if the Welsh public  who have elected the first Ukip members to one of the four legislature in the Uk and NI have remained loyal. If so we then the other parties really have a problem and need to  ask why?


  1. " if the Welsh public who have elected the first Ukip members to one of the four legislature in the Uk and NI have remained loyal. If so we then the other parties really have a problem and need to ask why?" you make a very pertinent point Glyn.

    And im afraid those of us in wales opposed to ukip's divisive racially tinged politics need only take a look at some of the comments left on walesonline's coverage of a story relating to syrian refugees in south wales to see that we do seem to have a problem in wales - namely there's a worrying number of people in wales who seem to hold views that would not be out of place among members of neo nazi groups like the national front never mind ukip. Which poses the worrying question if ukip does indeed collapse in wales would something even more unpleasant replace it?

    Something is going seriously wrong in Wales when a country once synonymous with solidarity for oppressed people and support for socialist ideas is now home to increasing numbers of people holding far right views (and this disturbing development seems particularly acute in parts of the south wales valleys).

    PS while some of the comments on the above link were bad enough - many comments left on Wol's FB page on the story were even worse!

  2. I share yours and Leigh’s worries and it is high time left leaning politicians acknowledge there’s a bigger problem with racism, xenophobia, bigotry and sexism in the Valleys than they have to date, but a big reason these views thrive and are gaining ground is there’s no one to challenge them.

    Labour’s hegemony in the Valleys means they won’t take UKIP head on, if they become a serious threat, they’ll just ape their views as Owen Smith has done in the Labour leadership and reap the electoral rewards. Add to that Plaid Cymru’s invisible in many constituencies, Lib Dems irrelevance and Tory baggage and suddenly UKIP are the only opposition in many seats.

    These communities have high unemployment and disability claimants, poor transport links to places where jobs are and few opportunities in their areas and then realise the Sun and Daily Mail are the most read papers in Wales (and we all know what poisonous agenda they’re pushing) and perhaps it should be less of a surprise that so many people are becoming less tolerant of migrants, refugees, women and rejecting a more caring communal approach.

    Its wishful thinking UKIP will disappear like Dr Richard Wyn Jones said today and it’s bad enough Wales has UKIP AM’s and their fighting like rats in a sack, but they’re antics are undermining the Welsh Assembly, these are dangerous times for Wales and I’m not hopeful things will improve.