Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Is Andrew RT Davies playing Pollyanna's "Glad Game",

One of the problems with being in opposition to the Tories  or any other party is that ,when it comes to the economy for instance you find yourselves hoping they are right and things will get better.
Its can be seen in 
Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies insistence that  that the country can still expect a “surplus” when it leaves the European Union and pledged to fight “tooth and nail” to ensure Wales gets its share of a “post-Brexit dividend”.
In the run-up to the June 23 referendum Mr Davies said there was a “solid guarantee that Welsh farmers would continue to receive at least as much in terms of support”.
Of course we  all Hope he's right but the omens are not good ;

Welsh  Secretary of State  Alun Cairns said:

 “[Simply] replacing what are currently EU funds as one source with another source from Westminster misses the point: the EU referendum sent out a number of messages; those areas that receive most EU funds were the areas, sadly, that voted strongest to leave the European Union. We need to look at models of regional aid in a different way.”
In a  question for the First Minister, Andrew RT Davies  said: 

“Will he guarantee that if that money comes over to Wales he will pass it on to Welsh farmers or will he just put it into the mix and ultimately squander it like Welsh Labour have squandered the dividends that they’ve had since 1999 when devolution began?”Adamant that the country can expect more cash when it leaves the EU, he said: “The key is to unlock that door and get that money back to Wales.”

Andrew RT   however seems to think others shield have prepared for a more difficult outcome as Borthlas  recently posted

According to Andrew RT Davies, the leader of the Assembly group of the Conservatives in Wales, the Labour First Minister, Carwyn Jones, failed to do any planning at all in anticipation of a vote to leave the EU. On that point of fact, he’s absolutely right. I’m rather less certain about the veracity of his assertion that “… the UK Governmen tndertook detailed planning”; the evidence in support of that is not exactly obvious. They still don’t really seem to know what to do next.

If the UK undertook detailed planning, maybe its about time they let us know what it is.

Mr  Davies  seems be rather like Pollyanna  whose philosophy of life centres on what she calls "The Glad Game," an optimistic and positive attitude she learned from her father. The game consists of finding something to be glad about in every situation, no matter how bleak it may be.'t need to use them!"

I always found her an irritating  brat

Mr Davies will probably accuse those who foresee a a recession in the wake of BREXIT wiping out any npney that the UK will save  from payments to the EU as "Talking the Country Down"

Lets face it Brexit is going to happen and I hop for everyones sake MR Davies is right,. But the Omen are not good and whilst there will probably be some bounce back. Once it becomes cleat that we are leaving and the enormity of forging Trade Agreements that are favourable to us . I believe that the UK economy takes a dive.

And when this happens you can bet your bottom dollar (worth more than the £) Wales will suffer more than other parts of the UK.

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