Saturday, 20 August 2016

Former Labour special adviser makes idiotic argument.

The Wasting Mule gives space to a controversial  former Labour special adviser has warned the party in Wales that if it seeks to undermine the Brexit vote it will risk turning people against the National Assembly.
In an article for Heat Street, an online magazine headed by former Tory MP Louise Mensch, David Taylor argues that most politicians in the “Cardiff Bay bubble” are oblivious of the threat posed to them by the “rebellious, anti-establishment zeitgeist” that led to the referendum Leave vote.
“Leave supporters have been excluded from discussions –
“We have become accustomed to the Cardiff Bay Bubble making pompous, self-referential claims about “grown-up politics”. It’s hard to imagine anything more infantile and futile than refusing to play ball with one’s opponents because you resent the fact that they beat you.”
 “Instead of histrionically demanding vetoes and red-lines in a negotiating process in which they will play no formal part, Welsh Ministers should focus on those areas where they can make a positive difference to people’s lives.“It’s widely recognised that areas which voted Leave are facing increases in hate crime and racism. The Welsh Government could play a leading role in healing divisions in Welsh communities, ensuring the situation doesn’t escalate.
Post-Brexit, argues Mr Taylor, there will be new opportunities for Wales in international trade:
 “Rather than sweeping, knee-jerk public statements and the creation of grandiose new committees and advisory boards, Wales must work out what it has lost and where the gaps are, to learn where support is really required.
I suspect what Mr Taylor is worried about is that as it becomes clear that Wales will lose out in the wake of Brexitt  then the " rebellious, anti-establishment zeitgeist”  he refers to may well realise that the problem is not the Assembly but Westminster and come to the conclude that we cant continue to be poor West Britons  but look to at least parity with Scotland and someone like Nicola Sturgeon to speak for wales rather than the lethargic Unionist First Minister we have now.

Fortunately we have at  one in waiting in Leanne.

However any failure to  be seen fighting for Wales by our First Minister may well  lead to people asking "What is the Assembly for"'

Which is what i suspect Mr Taylor and sadly far to many in "Welsh Labour" Left or Right stlil want.

Broadening his criticism, Mr Taylor states: 
“It’s understandable that since the advent of devolution politicians have felt a pressing need to develop a soft nationalist, nation-building narrative to give the new institution a firm identity. However, since the 2011 referendum, when just 23% voted Yes to direct law-making power for the Assembly, barely a week goes by without a cry for more powers, more AMs or grander titles.


The results of the referendum were announced on 4 March 2011. Overall, 63.49% voted 'yes', and 36.51% voted 'no'. In 21 of 22 local authorities the vote was 'yes', with the exception being Monmouthshire by a slim majority. The overall turnout was 35.2%. 

So Mt Taylor seems to  beusing for the entire population for his 23%.

But  look back at the start of his diatribe and 
 "an obvious folly given the strong anti-politics emotion felt by the 52.5% of Welsh voters who wanted us out of the EU.",

He's using one figure based on those eligible to vote in one referendum to support one argument  and another based on those who  voted om a later referendum   based on those who actually voted to support another !

Can we really trust some one who is  so openly duplicitous to come tell us how we should react  especially when he does not have real solution to the obvious problems Wales faces in the wake of the Brexit vote except to roll over and accept it.


  1. Is this the same David Taylor whose web antics have entertained us in Wales over the years. Here's an example from July 29, 2004.

    'Stupid Liberals

    I hate Liberal Democrats more and more every day.
    I used to be slightly sympathetic towards them. I used to think they meant well and that the Tories where the real enemy.
    But their recent campaign tactics, materminded by "wizz kid" Lord Rennard means I now hate them just as much as the Tories, which as almost as much as the Nationalists'.

    If it is the same Mr. Taylor, then this piece is a bit more measured in its criticism, but the underlying message and tone are clearly the same.

  2. He is a massive bellend. I have no idea how he is held in such high regard by Labour in Wales.....

  3. The second republished article from another source on WalesOnline this week after Matthew Paris’s odd piece earlier this week - this is the quality of welsh journalism in 2016.

    As for the substance, David Taylor’s not said anything that hasn’t been said by welsh politicos since the Leave vote in June, that if Carwyn Jones and his government continue with the same complacency and arrogance and don’t deliver serious improvements post Brexit then devolution itself is in serious trouble and abolishing the Welsh Assembly could become mainstream. The majority of the Labour Party in Wales have always been against the Assembly since 1999 and they won’t need much encouragement to help its demise.

    A view that Dr Dan Evans of Cardiff University shares in his latest blog