Saturday, 6 August 2016

If Corbyn Wins we will have the Red Tories running Labour.

In some ways Jeremy Corbyn's leadership campaign resebles resembles the rise of support for Podemos (United We Can Unidos in Apain) and SYRIZA the Coalition of the Radical Left - Unitary Social Front in Grrece.

It consists of people disillusioned  with the leadership of the established Left who have drifted to the right  and abandoned many of the principle  that they were founded on.

Corbyn is different though although he conducted huge rallies including Meredith and Swansea and people wove Red Flags  it is not a support for a  political movement 

But  an attempt to change an existing party 

The Problem of course is clear even if Corbyn was to win and I sincerely  hope that he does . It may not mean that the Part will change.

He will still have an Parliamentary Labour Party hostile to him and indeed the membership that elected him.

 It took less than a year for them to oust him and if he was to win how can they pretend to accept the membership views even when they give Corbyn another Mandate oosibly evenn larger than last year,

Will they rally around him ,join his cabinet or will they continue to heckle him and  sabotaging  his leadership .

Owen Smith has been spouting support for many of the polices that Corbyn and the Left  have been calling for for decades.

The Corbyn problem s that people are placing their faith in one man and not the movement as a whole.

If on the strength of his popularity Corbyn was to become Prime Minister and I believe it could happen who will he have around him that he can trust.

OK no politician trusts can trust those  around him  or her  but they usually do not start conspiring against a new Prime Minister the moment they enter Number Ten.

Corbyn may find that he is joined by a few more Left Wingers as the Party will be opening up its selection of candidates  as new constituency boundaries are taken in to force,

Incidentally a process which saw Jeremy selected for Islington North  

The Question is not so much is Jeremy Corbyn electable? ( I believe he is) but will the rest of the Labour Party be worth electing?

Alas I think not we will see the same faces  reelected  who may mouth some Progressive Left polices  but for the most will be largely indistinguishable  from the Tories opposite it them.

In Wales and Scotland  and Cornwall the Nationalists Party offer a centre  left alternative and there is still hope for the Greens in England.

But for many people over the Boarder there is still little choice not even the Lib Dems who are still toxic after their role as the Tories bag carriers.

I sincerely hope  that  Corbyn wins but I suspect those thousands who gathered in Merthyr and Swansea yesterday will have to look outside  Labour  for the Progressive Left representation they need.

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