Tuesday, 2 August 2016

That's Carwyn for you. No action just another consultation.

The so called rive to almost double the number of Welsh speakers to one million by 2050 that was unveiled by the first minister at the National Eisteddfod. is somewhat inductive of Labour's  running of the Welsh since its formation Assembly  .
It goes something like this
"We know something should be done so we will investigate it indeed set a target but we will then reject or ignore the findings and in a few years start again".
It is the strategy  of  appearing be trying to solve a problem  is more important than actually getting results.
Those of you who remember  Sir Humphrey Appleby,of "Yes Minister Fame " will see that he survives in the Assembly
"Sir Humphrey is a master of obfuscation and manipulation, often making long-winded statements such as, "In view of the somewhat nebulous and inexplicit nature of your remit, and the arguably marginal and peripheral nature of your influence within the central deliberations and decisions within the political process, there could be a case for restructuring their action priorities in such a way as to eliminate your liquidation from their immediate agenda."[2] He is committed to maintaining the status quo for the country in general and for the Civil Service in particular, and will stop at nothing to do so—whether that means baffling his opponents with technical jargon, strategically appointing allies to supposedly impartial boards, or setting up an interdepartmental committee to immobilise his Minister's proposals withred tape

Hence commission  after commission   over increasing the Assembly powers whose recommendations are either watered down or ignored.
The same for the Language
In 2013 Carwyn  Jones announced that the government would develop a "big conversation" – "Y Gynhadledd Fawr" – bringing all parts of society together to work out how to halt the decline of the Language.
He said at the time 
There are serious challenges facing the Welsh language in the years ahead. There are major challenges for us as a government but we cannot work alone.
"Among the aims must be to make Welsh a living language, especially among young people outside the school gates."
He said the "big conversation" would be about giving everybody a say in how to develop language policies. "The aim is to develop a conversation among all parts of Welsh society about how best to move forward.
"I believe most people in Wales want our language to grow and strengthen in the years ahead and that's why it's crucial that everyone now plays their part."
 In response to the claims that it was just another consultation  "A million is ambitious and it is important that we ensure that we listen to experts around us so that the target is met.", Mr Jones said:

 "The target didn't exist before the election."A million is ambitious and it is important that we ensure that we listen to experts around us so that the target is met."
Three years of a National Conversation   and  what do we get a Target!
So we have  Ministers the launch of another consultation at the National Eisteddfod in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, on Monday cited a growing demand for Welsh-medium education as a reason to be positive.
There were some proposals were outlined under six key areas for discussion:
  • Planning - how to make the Welsh language part of every aspect of life
  • Everyday life - encourage people to use Welsh and respect those who speak it
  • Education - how to introduce people to Welsh in school, college and adult learning
  • People - passing the language on to children and using it in the workplace
  • Support - through dictionaries and digital tools and Welsh language media
  • Rights - ensure laws promoting the official status and use of Welsh remain effective

But proposals are all we get , There is no indication of an an actual new Welsh Language Act.only a figure of one million speakers by  the year 2050.

Jamie Bevan, chairman of the Welsh language society Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, said many reports had been commissioned and published since then but "not implemented in full".
He said: 
"It's a shock that the government is beginning another consultation.
"Welsh as a vibrant community language is on its knees - we're losing 3,000 speakers a year at the moment."
At the rate we are going see that  rather than have one million Welsh speakers by 2050. We will finally see concrete  legislation to promote the use of the language.

Alas I will probably not be there to celebrate it .

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