Thursday, 28 February 2019

UK Government have failed us over Brexit negotiations and must admit it.

Former Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies has said.Labour and Tory MPs pushing for a delay to Brexit or another EU referendum are showing a disloyalty to voters, is a ridiculous  statement 
Even Theresa May has offered MPs a chance to delay Brexit for a short time if her deal cannot pass the Commons, but its time she and the likes of Andrew R T Davies faced the fact that the Conservative Government  have completely failed in their negotiations and Article  50 

"Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty sets out how an EU country might voluntarily leave the union. The wording is vague, almost as if the drafters thought it unlikely it would ever come into play. Now, it is the subject of a dispute between EU leaders desperate for certainty in the wake of the Brexit vote, and Brexiters in the UK playing for time.
Article 50 says: “Any member state may decide to withdraw from the union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.”

When the commons voted to evoke Article 50 over two years ago although many were sceptical over the time limit, few realised how incompetent the Prime Minister and her Ministers would prove to be.
With only a few weeks until we leave the European Union , there seems no prospect of a deal which the EU would accept and Mrs May actual "deal" even if its passed seems to guarantee nothing.
She had been under pressure from members of her own cabinet.
Mr Davies said MPs were putting "personal ambitions ahead of their responsibility to voters".
Mr Davies, who campaigned for a leave vote in the 2016 referendum, said the two main parties at Westminster stood on pro-Brexit manifestos in the 2017 general election.
The Conservative AM for the Vale of Glamorgan supports leaving the EU with a deal on 29 March.
"Every MP had their instructions, now ," Mr Davies said.
He added: "I'm deeply disappointed… that so many MPs are unpicking the commitments of the 2017 general election."
Mr Davies is not stupid so he must realise that we are not ready to crash out of the EU in a months time, and it make sense that we should not do so with not only an agreement with the EU but a credible trading agreement with Brussels.
Although I support a confirmation vote by the UK public in a referendum, argument for extending Article  50, is not about creating one  (though it probably makes it more likely) but about at least have an agreement that is not catastrophic  as would be if we wake up on March 30 to find us cut of from  not only the EU but the rest of the world.
The problem is even if Mrs May realises it , she  faces humiliation if she agrees an extension of Article  50, because it would lead to proof that she has completely failed in two years of Brexit negotiations.
Andrew R. T. Davies  is right about  "people putting personal ambitions ahead of their responsibility to voters" but it is those who  are not prepared to admit that we face in a months time a chaotic and exit  in a months time, because  those  who were elected to carry it out, have completely failed as a government and will rather see the UK burn rather than admit it.

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