Friday, 15 February 2019

Easter Eggs in the shops but no Brexit clarity.

It seems a bit late for the the Welsh and Scottish governments are calling on the UK Treasury to provide clarity on funding after Brexit.
Though it is actually appalling  that Welsh Secretary Alan Cairns and Scottish Secretary David Mundell have not secured funding that will match what we are both getting after Brexit.
The Tories have 317 seats in the House of Commons , and yet we have the most incompetent in living History from Chris ( I see no ships) Grayling to three Brexit Secretaries  in less than three years  to the Prime Minister herself 
say what you think about the Welsh Assembly , the prospect of the likes of Alan Cairns being in sole charge of Wales if it did not exist is frighting.
The Welsh government will be meeting the Treasury chief secretary in Cardiff on Friday, the Welsh Government said it must be "able to prepare for the impact of Brexit."
According to the BBC
Welsh Finance Minister Rebecca Evans will also discuss the UK government's changes to public sector pensions.
The meeting follows a further defeat for the prime minister's Brexit strategy in the Commons on Thursday.
MPs voted by 303 to 258 against Theresa May's plans, despite Downing Street warnings a defeat could damage the prime minister's negotiating position with the EU.
The prime minister is hoping to secure legally-binding changes to the Irish backstop clause of the Brexit plan - the insurance policy that will prevent a hard-border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland - before giving MPs another "meaningful vote" on the UK-EU agreement.
On Friday morning, Ms Evans will meet Liz Truss, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and Scotland's Finance Secretary Derek Mackay at the Welsh Government's headquarters in Cardiff.Image
Speaking ahead of the meeting, Ms Evans said: 
"I will be calling for clarity about our budgets, and pushing for ongoing and meaningful dialogue between the UK government and the devolved administrations about the challenges we are facing."With the clock ticking as we approach EU exit day, it is absolutely vital we are at the heart of decision making and are able to prepare for the impact of Brexit."Alongside this, I will also be pressing for further clarity and assurances about the cost associated with the UK government's changes to public sector pensions and how it intends to fund it......."Only last week, the first minister and local government leaders wrote to the chancellor seeking clarification.""Worryingly, even as local authorities are finalising their budgets, there is still some uncertainty about funding," 
Already there are Easter (April 4th)Eggs in our shops , and yet the UK government cannot tells us what will happen to our funding post Brexit .

Britain is something like an abusive home that seems to becoming even more abusive and one of the sisters living there  Scotland will probably leave soon to seek a better life, they may ask. even beg (for our sake) for Cymru to join them 

Alas as although we may even be weeping at our plight , we are too afraid to do so.

I hope when we see the success that Sister Scotland make of their freedom we will finally find it in ourselves to follow her.

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Leigh Richards said...

Funny you should mention easter glyn as i have it on good authority from a leave campaigner that those pesky brussels bureaucrats were planning to abolish our great british easter eggs because they are 'not egg shaped enough'. He tells me those eurocrats did the same to our great british bananas because they 'weren't the right shape'.

So looks like we are leaving for the oblivion of a no deal... er i mean the 'sunlit uplands' of WTO rules just in the nick of time