Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rosemary Butler Forelock-Tugger.

After Yesterdays Blog in which I commented on Leanne Wood balancing act between her Republican Views, and being polite to a 86 year old Woman, whose been doing the same job for 60 years,comes news that the Assembly has sent Mrs Windsor an Illuminated Scroll which you can see on the Syniadau blog.

I was going to show it myself but it's hard enough to reproduce the message without throwing up.

It reads..

On this, the occasion of Your Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, it is my great privilege and pleasure, on behalf of the National Assembly for Wales, to send Your Majesty and Prince Philip our heartfelt congratulations on 60 years of devoted service to the United Kingdom and to the Commonwealth.
It was less than a year ago that Your Majesty visited the Senedd in Cardiff in order to open the Fourth National Assembly for Wales. On that occasion Your Majesty referred to the evolutionary development of the Assembly’s powers and responsibilities, amounting to a transformation of our role since Your Majesty opened the First Assembly in May 1999.
In that relatively short period of time, the Assembly has grown rapidly in confidence and maturity. Even greater has been the growth in confidence and maturity of Wales as a whole during the 60 years of Your Majesty’s reign. Your Majesty’s wisdom and devotion have provided the bedrock on which sustainable democratic institutions have been established and developed not only here in Wales and in other parts of the United Kingdombut also throughout the Commonwealth.
We look forward to enjoying, for many years to come, the continuing pleasure of being Your Majesty’s loyal subjects.
I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty's humble and obedient servant.

How much did this crap cost? Perhaps the Tax Payers Alliance could inquire on this complete waste of money on something the Queen Mrs Windsor will probably look at only once.Though they would probably only complain about added cost because it was bilingual.

Even if Rosemary Butler had sent this forelock-tugging wording in a letter on quality headed paper. It would have still made me reach for the sick bucket but at least it would't have taken money from a cash staffed legislature. 

Did the AM's vote on this? Or did Rosemary Butler think she had the right to speak for all the AM's and the people of Wales

She didn't speak for me ,and in 2012 should the Presiding Officer of a National Legislature, really been use such sycophantic language?

Mind you it could have been worse Dafydd Elis Thomas may have written it.

Yesterday Leanne Wood spoke about the peoples contribution to Wales over the last 60 years.Rosemary Butler and the rest of the forelock-tuggers  choice of words reminded us with this  "gift" to someone who will never remember it. What a long way we have to go.

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