Sunday, 27 May 2012

Olympics and Jubilee It's a going to be long, hot and annoying Summer.

I imagine those who read this Blog, are the sort who are already fed up with the Olympic Torch Relay being endlessly portrayed as news. When its little more than an advert for  the BBC coverage of the event.

There has been very little coverage however of those hostile to the London Olympics. Which has  seen scarce resources and money being diverted to the English capital or the high number who are indifferent. Particularly in the Sports like Sailing, Rowing and Cycling. Which will get a great deal of coverage  simply because they are the sports  in which the UK athletes  are expected to get most of their Gold Medals

A BBC spokeswoman on yesterdays BBC Breakfast programme claimed that the cooperation was responding to public interest in showing this non-news constantly . Where in fact they were they through their over coverage  were initially creating the interest in much the same way Simon Callow creates interest in the mediocre talents who appear on his shows.

Let the Hype create the story then the public interest will follow. 

Similarly we are being bombarded with adverts on the BBC to promote the Jubilee.

Constantly we are told that "We are all supporting the Jubilee" whilst it is not true.and the voice of the indifferent and that of the those who are openly opposed to the event are almost totally ignored.

A recent Guardian report claimed...

While the silver jubilee in 1977 had angry young anti-monarchist punks on the Thames and at Alexandra Palace hosted a "people's jubilee" event, this year for the diamond jubilee the royal family will be cheered down the river on barges while a "right royal" picnic is planned at the "people's palace".
It's left an awful lot of British anti-monarchists – anything from 22% to 50% of the population, according to recent polls – wondering where the dissent has gone.

Well partly because the Media are ignoring any opposition to the Event the article points out part of the problem.

One primary school headteacher in the south-west of England told the Observer:

 "My staff and I had agreed to discuss the jubilee with the children but we'd decided it was not really something it was appropriate for a school to celebrate. But a couple of parents started planning events and bringing in bunting and we felt quite pressurised.
And that's the problem.What would the reaction to Parents putting up republican messages?

How can Republicans put forward their views when virtually all the Media and the rest of the Establishment are promoting this.

The other day I needed to call in several retail outfits in Talbot Green and took the opportunity to approach a member of staff who looked like Management and say.
"I see you've got a lot of jubilee merchandise on display. Are you also catering for the significant number of us who are opposed to the Monarchy? Is there part of the store where I can buy Republican goods?"
You be shocked to know all seem to have failed to take up this potential lucrative opportunity.

With the Olympics the Jubilee and the European Football which will see as being told we should support the England team. I may end up the fittest I've ever been having to spend my days walking in the Welsh Mountains to avoid it al.

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Anonymous said...

I decided to line the torch route if anything just to show support of the athletes. My young nephew was armed with a red dragon, but the lead van officials were handing out union jacks. Tears were shed as I swapped the flags, with little time to explain to a five year old. After the magic flame passed another van came along and collecting the previously issued union jacks. This prompted another outburst of tears and the rapid purchase of a conciliatory ice cream. Shouldn't have bothered. Will they be wanting the cucumber sandwiches back on jubilee day?