Friday, 18 May 2012

Denbighshire literally elects the wrong Councilor.

Denbighshire council has apologised after a Labour candidate appeared to have lost an election when votes were wrongly handed to a Tory rival.

Council said human error was to blame for votes for Paul Penlington being counted towards Allan Pennington in the elections on 4 May.

In a night which saw big gains for Labour in the County Particularly in Rhyl and Prestatyn the result in Prestatyn North.was declared as

Prestatyn North - results  2012
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Carys Louise Guy-DaviesLabour63313%Elected
 Jason Mathew McLellanLabour59812%Elected
 Allan Geoffrey PenningtonConservative58012%Elected
 Michael Adrian GermanIndependent55712%Not elected
 Isobel Marion GermanIndependent53811%Not elected
 George Peter Anthony FlynnIndependent47210%Not elected
 Gwynn Alexander ClagueIndependent4389%Not elected
 Paul PenlingtonLabour3668%Not elected
 Michael John EckersleyConservative3257%Not elected
 Michelle Monique Marie PopeConservative3147%Not elected
The result saw a big swing to Labour on the previous election
Prestatyn North - results 2008
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 George Arthur GreenConservative74115%Elected
 Allan Geoffrey PenningtonConservative70914%Elected
 Michael John EckersleyConservative69614%Elected
 Michael Adrian GermanIndependent68413%Not elected
 Isobel Marion GermanIndependent63412%Not elected
 David CooperIndependent4769%Not elected
 Velma Wilshaw-CryerLabour3968%Not elected
 Patricia Irene DawsonLabour3918%Not elected
 Amanda June WigganLabour3667%Not elected
It is not unusual for a popular councillor to survive  a swing against his party but eyebrows must have been raised particularly  amongst the Party Tallymen  watching the count 
Mr Penlington (Labour)  would have been just ahead of Mr Pennington (Con) with Ms Pope (Con ) at the bottom of the Ballot paper.

I can see how a few votes could have gone astray but this is frankly ridiculous. I don't know when the ward was counted and tiredness on behalf of the counting staff (and Tallymen) may have some factor but the system of counting seats with multiple seats is usually quite efficient involving special sheets.and of course the Party is quite clear.

And lets face it in Wales there must be  many vase of a number of Joneses from different Parties being grouped together and in this case there was a clear difference in the candidates first names.

If I had been refering to "Paul Penlington" and "Allan Geoffrey Pennington" instead of Mr then the error would be glaring.
As  you can see Mr Pennington was declared the winner of one of three county council seats in Prestatyn North with 580 votes, and Labour's Mr Penlington received 366
It has been  that if the votes for Mr Penlington had been allocated correctly, he would have won for Labour with 605 votes to Mr Pennington's 340 which would reflect those of the other candidates for both parties.

However, the council confirmed a mistake had been made, and it was now up to Mr Penlington to decide whether to challenge the result.

Labour has a week to decide whether to challenge the result before a judge

On the evidence there will undoubtedly be be a court challenge which should reverse the result.Or Mr Pemnnigton if it is clear an error has been made could resign and a By election held which should if there is any lustice see  Mr Penlington  the only candidate.

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