Wednesday, 27 April 2016

We can thank devolution that our Doctors are not on strike.

Thank God he cannot carry out his "Mandate" in Wales.

Although we in Wales are not directly affected by the Junior Doctors dispute with the (English) Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt it is important that we note that Hunts justification for his belligerent attitude is that his proposal were part of the Conservatives 2015 General Election Manifesto.

Speaking in the commons , Hunt said:

“No trade union has the right to veto a manifesto promise voted for by the British people. We are proud of the NHS as one of our greatest institutions but we must turn that pride into actions and a seven-day service will help us turn the NHS into one of the highest quality healthcare systems in the world.”

Now this is interesting because the Tories received no such mandate from Wales and certainly not from Scotland.

Indeed this is a case of e Conservatives are idea for English votes for English laws (EVEL). Mr Hunt is only Health Secretary in England.

If anyone still doubts devolution  especially those who consider themselves anything but right of centre then without the devolved powers to our Legislatures in Wales , Scotland and Northern  Ireland then Mr Hunt could make the same statement as he imposed his plans on us as well.

We to would be facing our Doctors bravely standing up to a Westminster Government that cannot admit it has made a error in judgement .

For our English friends it may prove that that they are going to see a face of EVIL sorry EVEL  based on a Right Wing Ideology  for a long time.

But we must not  be smug Hunts claim of a "British Mandate  is one that the Tories claim for their Ideological Austerity cuts  even when no such mandate came from Wales, or Scotland  (and no Westminster Government has a mandate from Northern Ireland).

So we can claim that these are English Votes for British Laws.

I gain  no pleasure in our friends in England facing possible decades of Tory governments whose agenda is to destroy the Welfare State  and privatise the NHS.

But if there was a valid argument for Wales not to be included and Independence this is surely one.

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